Saturday, September 26, 2009

Being The Twentyfifth of September 2009...

Talking Lion Blues: David
The Lakes of Shilin: Colin
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain: Paul/Berry
The Sunny Side of the Street: Brenda/Berry
Peg And All: Mike/Marion
Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye: Jane/David
The Harvester: Mike/Yvonne
See That Rainbow Shine: Eddie
Castles In The Air: Bill 1:2
I Don't Work For A Living: Ray
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow: Phine
This Time: Berry
Amazing Grace: Margaret
Rambling Boy/Snorkle: Mick
Lucy: Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
Pretend: David
The Blackbird: Colin
Girl: Paul
A Fine Romance: Brenda/Berry
Golden Arrow: Mike/Marion
John Barbary: Jane
Lady of Autumn: Eddie
The Dutch Man: Bill 1:1
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face: Lynda
The Happy Wanderer: Ray
Silver Threads & Golden Needles: Phine
Over The Waves: Berry
Donna Donna: Margaret
O'Carolan's Draft: Mick
The Thrill Is Gone: Lucy
Love Hurts: Lucy/Paul
Everyone Works for Father: Mike/Marion

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Being the Eighteenth of September 2009...

The Hammer Song: David
Mr. Rock & Roll: Paul
My Grandfather's Clock: Ray
The Flesh Wounds of Your Love: Anne/Alan
She Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair: Jane/David
Gypsy: Mike P.
In The Early Morning Rain: Lynda/Paul
Torn Between Two Lovers: Phine
Go Tell It On The Mountain: Les
Just Out Of Reach: George
Song Sung Blue: Berry
The Last Thing On My Mind: Josie/Gerry/Heather
Rose Of No Man's Land: Eddie
The Star of The County Down: Anne/Alan
Willie Oil Lad: Colin
The Fallen Moon: David
Bird On The Wire: Paul
Can't Find My Way Home: Ray
Puff The Magic Dragon: Alan
My Mother The Mountain: Jane/David
Underneath The Stars: Mike P.
The Rose: Lynda
Kumbaya: Les
A Burn Up With My Bird: Berry
The Cherry Tree Carole: Josie
All Around My Hat: Gerry
Dancing With You: Eddie
When All Men Sing: Colin

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being the Eleventh of September 2009...

Late October: David
For No One: Paul
What Have They Done To The Rain: Les
Wayfaring Stranger: Jane/David
The Brash Lad: Lynda
It's To Late Baby: Phine
This Boy: Bill 1:2
Leaving Nancy: Ray
Ain't It Good to be Back Home Again: Mike
Step Up Mary: Peter
Galloways: Colin
I'm Throwing Rice: David
I'll Be There: Paul
Row the Boat Ashore: Les
Joleen: Jane/David
She Moved Through the Fair: Lynda
Walk With Me: Phine
Johnny Reb: Bill 1:2
No Use For Him: Ray
The Sun is Coming Over the Hill: Mike
Seashore: Mick
Jobsworth: Peter
Betsy the Serving Maid: Colin
The Wild Rover: Bill 1:2
Farewell Farewell: Lynda

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Being the Fourth of September 2009...

I Used To Be: David/Bill 1:1
Amanda: Paul/Bill 1:1
The Joy of Love: Margaret
Moonlight Serenade: Brenda/Berry
Lullaby: Yvonne
? : Mike
Peggy Gordon: Lynda
Yours: Ken/Berry
Adieu To Old England: Mave
He Was Under My Window: Anne
Josie: Mike
Blues: Mick
Life's a Bugger Sometimes: Ken
Conamara Cradle Song: Jenny
Summertime: Bill 1:1
All Among the Barley: Colin
Next: David
Multiplication: Paul
Silver Dagger: Margaret
A Whiter Shade of Pale: Brenda/Berry
Oh So Naturally: Yvonne/Mike
Difficult Kind: Lynda
Let's Keep It That Way: Phine
Blue Bayou: Berry/Ken
Dirty Old Town: Mave
The Last House On Our Street: Anne
April Come She Will/Cathy's Song: Mike
The Chicago Jig/? : Mick/Mike
Old Daddy Fox: Bill 1:1

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Now is come September ...

Here's a seasonal song ...

All Among the Barley.

Now is come September, the hunter’s moon begun,
And through the wheaten stubble is heard the frequent gun.
The leaves are paling yellow, and kindling into red,
And the ripe and bearded barley is hanging down its head.

All among the barley, who would not be blithe,
While the ripe and bearded barley is smiling on the scythe?

The spring is like a young maid who does not know her mind.
The summer is a tyrant of most ungracious kind.
The autumn is an old friend, she gives one all she can,
And she brings the bearded barley to glad the heart of man.

All among the barley, who would not be blithe,
While the ripe and bearded barley is smiling on the scythe?

The wheat is like a rich man; it’s sleek and well to do.
The oats are like a pack of girls, laughing and dancing too.
The rye is like the miser; it’s sulky, lean and small,
But the ripe and bearded barley is monarch of them all.

All among the barley, who would not be blithe,
While the ripe and bearded barley is smiling on the scythe?

(Repeat v.1, then, all sing, chorus ad inf ... )

There are a few renditions on youtube.
Don't bother; we'll do it better!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Being the Twentyeighth of August 2009...

Talking Lion Blues: David
Bruton Town: Colin
The Bank O'Doone: Jane/Colin
I'll Take You Dancing Again: Mave
Grandpa's Grave: Ken
About a Quarter to Nine: Berry
Lovesong To a Stranger: Jane
Love Letters Straight Form Your Heart: David/George
The Best Days of Your Life: Jasmin
Any Dream Will Do: Ray
Girl: Les/Pam
Will You: Mick
Mrs. Merry's Ball: Bill 1:1
Day Has Come: Anthony
Between the Lines: David
Scarecrow: Colin
Babes in the Wood: Jane/Colin
My Mother Said: Mave
(She Did the) Fandango: Ken
Help Me Make It Through The Night: Berry
St. John The Gambler: Jane/David
Ain't Misbehaving: George
Samuel Plimsol: Jasmin
The Yodelling Blacksmith: Ray
Things We Said Today: Les
Handbags and Gladrags: Mick
The Deadly Wars: Bill 1:1/Mick

Being the Twentyfirst of August 2009...

David: D'you Ken John Peel?
Colin: Moorlough Shore
Chalky: San Francisco Bay Blues
Eddie: See That Rainbow Shine
Yvonne: Oh So Naturally
Mike: Just a Simple Love Song
Maggie: Magic Flute (excepts)
Jane/David: Joan of Arc
Josie/Gerry/Heather: Travelin' Light
Mike: This Old Guitar
Steve: Galway Shawl
Janet: The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite
Mave: The Manchester Rambler
Ken: English Channel No.5
Lynda: On Raglan Road
Paul: Yesterday
Bill 1:1: The Sandy Boar
John: High Holiday
Margaret: The Last Thing on My Mind
David: The Ballad of the Lost Prophet
Colin: The Miller and the Lass
Margaret: 4 Marys
Chalky: Cocaine Habit Blues
John: Tunes of Glory
Eddie: Dancing With You
Yvonne/Mike: Whiskery Bob
Maggie: Uncertain Love
Jane: Ohio River Boat Song
Josie/Gerry/Heather: 500 Miles
Mike: Puff the Magic Dragon
Steve: Keeping the Old Songs Alive
Janet: Storing Sugar In the Hole
Mave: Now I Has To Call Him Father
Lynda: The Patriot Game
Paul: Sisters of Mercy
Chalky: Jelly Roll
Steve: The Boxer