Saturday, May 31, 2008

Being the 30th of May 2008

So, the most important aspect of this evening, I found my favorite sunglasses...!
I'm sure everyone is suitably relieved...

Now, what did we sing and play...?
Well, here's a list:

The Black Rabbit of Scar House (David & Roger)
We Shall Overcome (Les)
Home Lads, Home (Ray)
My Mother Said (Always Look Under the Bed) (Mave)
The Merry Blacksmith/Banshee (Mick)
Leaving on a Jet Plane (Lynda & Paul)
Picture of You (Paul)
The Black Velvet Band (Bill 2)
All My Trials (Soon be Over) (Maggie)
Lord Franklin (Jenny & Jerry)
Mr. A. G. Wilken's Favorite (Jerry)
Abide With Me (Roger)
The Family of Man (Les)
Fever (Gigi)
Dorset is Beautiful (Ray)
You Are My Honeysuckle (Mave)
English Rose (Mick)
I Know My Love (Lynda)
Nowhere Man (Paul)
Traveling Shoes (Bill 2)
Bit o'Mozart (Maggie)
Seeds of Love (Jenny & Jerry)
Farewell to the Dean (Jerry)
The Leaves of Life (aka The Seven Virgins) (Rog)
Rolling Home (Ray)

Many thanks to Paul for taking the M.C. helm while I paid our tithe to the Regnum.

Tell you what, let's do it all again next week...!
Remember, If a horse is singing it, it ain't folk baby...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Being the 23rd of May 2008

Every now and again we have, what I would describe as, a classic evening...
This evening was fell squarely into that category...
A small, select group of performers gathered this night to sing and play the following songs:

Oh The Wind & Rain (David)
The Dutchman (Bill 2)
Bury My Body (Paul)
Banks of the Ohio (Lynda & Paul)
Even More Work In Progress (in open D) (Mick)
Empty Echos (Ray)
Galloways (Colin)
Billy The Kid (Roger)
When The Spring Has Come (David & Roger)
Willie O'Winsbury (David & Roger)
Whiskey On A Sunday (Bill 2)
I'm A Loser (Paul)
Freeborn Man (Lynda)
In The Mood (Mick)
The Rose of Allendale (Ray)
The Trees They Do Grow High (Colin)
Jinney (Roger)

Nice to see the return of Bill 2 this evening. We've missed him.
Thanks to Ray & Mary for putting their faces through the door. Your always welcome at the CFC you crazy kids...

On a sad note, I lost my favorite sunglasses...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Being the 16th May 2008...

An evening tinged with a little sadness as one of our number is moving to pastures new.
Goodbye Janet and our best wishes go with you...

Let's hope Eddie and Margaret's lost wedding ring turns up....

So what did we play and sing..?
We played and sang these little treasures:

Fare Ye Well Dearest Nancy
Da Sixereen
The Lincolnshire Poacher
Blackwater Side
Just a Closer Walk With Thee (Let It Be)
I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
Meeting of the Waters
Four Strong Winds
Do a Bit of Burgling On the Side
A Time For Us
Hold On
Farewell to the Creeks
40 Shades of Green
You've Got a Friend
The Lady is a Tramp
Some fiddle tunes I didn't catch the name of due to awe
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
I Can't Stop Loving You
As Drawn By Lowry
You Are My Honeysuckle
The Parting Glass

To show how it can be done...
Here is a video of the Wailin' Jennys singing "The Parting Glass"....

See you next week...!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Come All Ye... The First Post...

Welcome to the City Folk Club Blog...!
Here's a mission statement in the form of a song by Fairport Convention...

You can sing along if you like...

Come all ye rolling minstrels
And together we will try
To rouse the spirit of the earth
And move the rolling sky

Those that dance will start to dance
And those who don't will sway
In time to list our merry tune
That we play for you today

So come all ye rolling minstrels
And together we will try
To rouse the spirit of the earth
And move the rolling sky

Our fiddler, he just loves to play
And that's why he plays so good
And now he plays a violin
Made out of solid wood


Possessor of the magic touch
And no magician he
Will play for you some magic notes
Instead, as you will see


Sound of beating on the drum
Song behind you'll hear
And to the rhythm of guitars
We hope you'll lend an ear


Well, the man who plays the bass does make
Those low notes that you hear
And the high notes come from you and me
For we will sing so clear