Monday, April 29, 2013

Being Friday the 26th of April, 2013 ...

Mind your head!

Be assured that no such discrimination, (and politically-incorrect,) restriction regarding vertically-augmented persons applies at The City Folk Club.

OK, that foregoing is really very silly, so let's get on ...

In the chair: Berry ...

Berry is always a great host.
That phrase 'great host' suggests that we must all prepare for an imminent and cataclysmic attack of biblical proportions by a marauding hoarde that comes to invade, occupy, ravage and plunder our much-beloved land.

Fear not!
Berry has a gentle, sensitive and generous soul.
He knows about things that are mysterious to those of lesser education.
He generously shares his intellect with those who strive to achieve ... anything.

... something's wrong with my mind!

Child Ballad #56

... and stunsails hoisted away!
"I can still smell the smoke ..."
at Bacup station.

If Marion can't be an engine-driver ...

So, there we are: we all survived and went home in peace!
Thanks for that, Stuart.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

More about buying bricks ...

Lynda has kindly agreed to coordinate our efforts with regard to buying bricks for the Guide Hall refurbishment ...


She writes as follows ...
The Guides will shortly be starting the extension to the hall and are trying to raise additional cash to help with this. We are invited to contribute by buying bricks at £5 each. Those who'd like to donate any sum, however small, can put it in the 'brick pot' which will be available on Friday evenings.
There will also be some brick-buying forms (for Gift Aid purposes) for those who'd like to buy a whole brick at £5.
The City Folk Club will round up whatever we collect on your behalf.
Thank you, Lynda.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Being World Penguin Day, 25th April ...

Moseley, the rock-hopper, custodian of our money-pot and recent star of the silver screen insisted that I post this ...

Watch carefully: Moseley's there at the end.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Saint George's Day ...

Here is the news for this, the twenty-third day of April, some time in the third century AD.

HEADLINE: We are receiving unsubstantiated reports that St. George has rescued a fair maiden from a fiery dragon.

This image was captured on a mobile phone by a passing amateur photographer.
One report that our hero entered the fray crying, "Get your coat, love, you're pulled!' is regarded by our newsroom editor as complete fabrication.

Seriously now, here's a Richard Thompson song to celebrate the day...

No, it's not RT performing; it's a cover by Simon Care and Dave Burland.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Being Friday the 19th of April, 2013 ...

Fortunately this archaic directive does not apply in the Guide Hall.

Hasn't the spring weather been awful?
Look what happened to Dogsbody's garden fence yesterday ...

Nevertheless, 15 people congregated for another enjoyable evening of music and song.

There was mellifluous whistling, no yodelling nor poetry and, among other things, Tony's choreography was truly and fairly memorable.

Angela navigated the ocean in a home-made boat.

No, Paul, you may not bring your cat in here!

Delabole is a terrible place ... but it was a slate mine ...
Nowt to do wi' coal, Tony!

The Great Tit sings thus:
"Teacher, teacher, teacher!"

Elegantly dressed ladies examine a train wreck.
'The Old 97' was a Southern (US) Railway train, officially known as 'The Fast Mail'.
It fell off a trestle-viaduct in September 1903.

I forgot to report that there were a couple of rather nasty storms, but we were comforted by this portent of better times ahead ...

See that atmospheric phenomenon shine!

Then we all went back to that State Penitentiary ...

"I hear the train a-comin' ...'

A warning:
NEVER search in google for images of that bird Parus Major by its common name in the plural form.
(Did someone mention 'iron chest'?)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Being Friday the 12th of April, 2013 ...

We achieved a quorum; all vacant seats around the hallowed table were occupied!
Owen dressed up for the occasion.
Here are a few pictorial clues as to what went on ...
This child needs a wash

Paul and Angela get ready for their gig in
No, I can't see the strings, either!

"... that somewhere abound."

Will it be a jet plane?

No comment.

Mike's night attire.
Yes, it's real silk.

So, here we are in what is rumoured to be spring.
Don't forget that we will be celebrating May in company of our friends at The Evershed Arts Centre in Billingshurst on Saturday, 4th May.
Details are in the previous post click to view.
There's still plenty of space on the coach, so please let Dogsbody know if you'd like to join us for a jolly time.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Being Friday the 5th of April, 2013 ...

According to Mr. Paul, in the chair, the theme of the evening was “getting things bl**dy nearly right.”

There was much improvised yodelling and a number of spontaneous bursts of several-part harmony.

Mistress Angela was a little down-hearted because she can’t find her mobile phone.
We hope that this will cheer her …


The term ‘sweet fern’ requires some disambiguation: comptonia peregrina doesn’t look much like a bird …

comptonia peregrina

From the locomotive department, Jacko the shunter made an appearance in memory of Graeme Miles, RIP ...

… while a sleepless Lord Chancellor had to travel in a 2nd class carriage …

Before we departed Angela and Paul warned about the dangers of three vices …

... a wild, wild woman!
"Of course, all this is meaningless if you weren't there ... and lots of you weren't!"

Friday, April 5, 2013

Buy-a-Brick ...

 This sign recently appeared at the Guide Hall ...


Regular participants will know that the Guides plan to extend the hall this summer. This will include include provision of an additional meeting room at the back, and refurbishment of the toilet facilities with dedicated male and female cubicles.

To help finance this project we are invited to purchase virtual bricks.

Further information will follow.