Thursday, April 30, 2009

Being the Twenty-fourth of April 2009...

The above picture is of a magnetic mute blind love monkey (created by Glyn Webster taken from a story by Frank Key) it brings luck to those who see it...

I'll get this listing done quickly then we can get on to the exciting news...

Come All Ye: David
Four Strong Winds: Mike
Deportees: Jane/Dave
Sweet Jenny Jones/The Peacock Followed the Hen: Dave
Yellow is the Colour: Gerry
Vie En Rose: George
Home on the Range: Ray
Once I Had a True Love: Margaret
The Island of Dreams: Lynda/Paul
Jimmy Brown: Paul
Unicorns: Colin
'T-was on One April Morning: Bill 1:1
I Have to Say I Love You In a Song: Lucy
Cocaine Habit Blues: David
Halcyon Days: Yvonne/Mike
Charlie My Love: Mike
Jolene: Jane/Dave
Bonny Breast Knot: Dave
The Boxer: Gerry
Smile: George/Paul
Grannie's Old Arm Chair: Ray
Gospel Ship: Margaret
In the Rare Oul' Times: Lynda
Hello Mary Lou: Paul
The Drovers: Colin
Ranzo: Bill 1:1
Naomi: Lucy

My hurried entry of last weeks evening has left plenty for Ken to correct me on...
(which is a cunning ploy to keep him off the streets...)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Deportees ...

This post is in trembling anticipation of our MC's chronicle of last Friday's activities ...

Jane, exquisitely accompanied by Dave, performed this song:

In comparison to this near-roots performance, and several other versions available on youtube, Jane and Dave's rendition is by far the most captivating.

Jane has the extraordinary gift of subliminally insisting that you listen to the words ...

Then, after shedding appreciative tears, and competing in our declarations of undying love, we heartily applaud!

Monday, April 20, 2009

When All Men Sing ...

If you follow this link:
When All Men Sing
you'll hear my friend, Mike Nicholson, performing this rousing anthem recorded on his splendid CD, Stone by Stone.

His delightful wife, Barbara, (perhaps without Mike’s knowledge,) gave me permission to post this. Mike has a gentle giant of a voice and I have the impression he truly believes every word he sings.

Singing with Mike are:
Hilary Spencer
Derek Gifford
and a trio of Petes:
Pete Collins
Pete Luscombe
Pete Watkinson

These are the words Keith Scowcroft. Tune is by Derek Gifford.


When snows transform the hedgerow thorn,
And frosting guilds the berry,
Good men and true the firelogs hew,
Then in the inns make merry.
Then singing all as with one voice,
It seems the very walls rejoice,
And merriment about doth spring:
When all men sing.

Let every man so pitch his song,
To help his neighbour sing along,
To each and all contentment bring,
When all men sing

When lambs are seen and trees spring green,
And comes in bloom the daisies,
For winters end our thanks we'll send,
At Easter time sing praises.
Then with a will, yea one accord,
We'll raise our voices to the Lord,
And praise above the heavenly King: when all men sing.

When in the field a scythe thee wield,
Then hear his summer sound,
As man and boy their lungs employ,
The songs they echo round.
Rebound from hill and roof and spire,
Starting lowly building higher,
So surely then his scythe doth swing: when all men sing.

When leaves they fall from elm trees tall,
Then every back must bend,
As young and old with courage bold,
Their efforts they expend.
Ensuring autumn's gifts are stowed,
Afore cold winter's wind is blowed,
Then comes an end to foraging: when all men sing.

Hear songs in season every year:
Some voices sweet and others strong,
Gently round ascending,
With harmonies a-blending.
If unison accords the song,
Uplifting beams of inn or hall,
And shaking plaster from the wall: when all men sing.

Very many thanks, Mike for lending this to us. Mike assures me that the CD is still available. Buy one before you die! I have his contact details for those interested.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Being the Seventeenth of April 2009...

This is how to decorate a room with invisible beauty...

Pretend: David
High Germany: Colin
The Lincolnshire Poacher: Eddie
Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis): Jane/Dave
Different Drums: Anne
Granada: George
I Think of You: Bill 1:2
All Things Dull and Ugly: Ken
Old Lady of Padstow: Mave
I've Been Waiting for the Wind to Change Direction: Mike P.
McAdam: Tony
April Fool: Les
Both Sides Now: Sheena/Paul
Donna Donna: Margaret
Teach Your Children Well: Lynda/Paul
Father & Son: Paul
Mary Don't You Weep: David
John Ball: Colin
As Tears Go By: Sheena/Paul
Dancing With You: Eddie
Disney Girls (1957): Jane/Dave
Silver Dagger: Anne
All My Loving: Les
Paper Moon: George
Kelly: Bill 1:2
Poisoning Pigeons In The Park: Ken
The Manchester Rambler: Mave
Samuel Oh How You've Changed: Mike P.
Eggs and Marrowbones: Tony
Black is the Colour: Margaret
Bound For the Mountains and the Sea: Lynda
The Autumn Leaves: Paul/George

If any kind soul could suggest an adequate superlative to describe this evening I'd be ________ grateful...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Being the Tenth of April 2009...

Hey kids, let's palliate our ulna's with Luna Caustic and get down with our bad selves to these heavyweight monsters of funk...

Pack Up Your Sorrows: Colin/Bill 1:1/Dave+Full Cast
Windham: David
I'll Be There: Paul
If Fishes Were Wishes: Anne/Alan
Ohio Riverboat Song: Jane/Dave
There is a Folk Club Far Away: Yvonne/Mike
Soundman: Steve
Blue Moon: Maggie
Stand By Me: Bill 1:2
Sweet and Innocent: Berry
John Blunt: Bill 1:1
The Holmfirth Anthem: Jenny/Bill 1:1
When You and I Were Young: Ray
Green Banks of Grain: Mave
Annan Water: Colin
Cityist People: Lucy
Leaves of Life: Roger
Ballad of the Lost Prophet: David
It was a Very Good Year: Paul/Roger
Lady Margaret: Anne/Alan
Easter: Jane/Dave
Till the Stars___: Yvonne/Mike
Steal Away: Maggie
I Killed a Man Today: Bill 1:2
Somebody Stole My Gal: Berry
Wondrous Love: Bill 1:1
The Happy Wanderer: Ray
Under the Bed (My Mother Said Always Look) : Mave
Idumea: Colin
Passing Through: Roger
Rolling Home: Ray/Alan+Full Cast

No more nails...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Being the Third of April 2009...

The Big Metal Tower 01

So, hands up all those who will be spending the weekend spring cleaning...?
Don't forget to whistle a merry tune...
May hap one of these:

T'was on One April Morning: Colin/Ken+Full Cast
The Flower of the Valley: David
If I Were a Carpenter: Paul
Circles: Mike P.
?: Mike
After the Rain: Steve
I'm an Australian: Les
What is this Thing Called Love? : Lucy
Ting! : Heather
Lilac Wine: Maggie
Walk on By: Sheena
Banks of the Bann: Bill 1:1
When Spring Comes In: Jenny
Freeborn Man: Lynda
Seven Daisies: Mave
Poisoning Pigeons in the Park: Ken
The Week Before Easter: Colin/Paul
Songbird: Anita
In the Smoke: David
What Goes On: Paul
Janis: Mike P.
With My Swag All on My Shoulder: Les
The Road to Bepton Farm: Yvonne/Mike
Feel Alright: Steve
Take a Message to Mary: Maggie
Smack Water Jack: Sheena
Keys to My Heart: Jenny/Bill 1:1
Wild Colonial Boy: Bill 1:1
The Sun Ain't Going to Shine Anymore: Lynda
Now I has to Call Him Father: Mave
Thousands or More: Colin

Hey-ho where's my feather duster...?

Friday, April 3, 2009

And, For next Friday ...

For those who will be otherwise unoccupied on Friday 10th April (Good Friday), this is the jolly song I propose for getting us energised.

Orchestral interlude to feature dulci-Dave and fiddlin’-Bill.

Percussion may be permissible. Celestial harmonies are anticipated, and a final 'TING' from Heather’s triangle is obligatory!

Pack up Your Sorrows
(Richard FariƱa)

[D] No use crying, [G] talking to a stranger,
[D] Naming the sorrows you've [A] seen. [A7]
[D] Too many bad times, [G] too many sad times,
[D] Nobody [A7] knows what you [D] mean.

Chorus (same chord sequence):
But if somehow you could pack up your sorrows,
And give them all to me,
You would lose them, I know how to use them,
Give them all to me.

(Link after chorus: [D] '... me' 234/1234/ [A7] 234/ [D] 234/ [D] 'No use ...')

No use rambling, walking in the shadows,
Trailing a wandering star.
No one beside you, no one to hide you,
and nobody knows who you are.

Chorus ...

No use gambling, running in the darkness,
Looking for a spirit that's free.
Too many wrong times, too many long times,
Nobody knows what you see.

Chorus ...

*** Orchestral interlude ***

No use roaming, lying by the roadside,
Seeking a satisfied mind.
Too many highways, too many byways,
And nobody's walking behind

But if somehow you could pack up your sorrows,
And give them all to me,
You would lose them, I know how to use them,
Give them all to me.

See earlier post "Be Happy" to hear what it might not sound like.