Saturday, April 18, 2009

Being the Seventeenth of April 2009...

This is how to decorate a room with invisible beauty...

Pretend: David
High Germany: Colin
The Lincolnshire Poacher: Eddie
Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis): Jane/Dave
Different Drums: Anne
Granada: George
I Think of You: Bill 1:2
All Things Dull and Ugly: Ken
Old Lady of Padstow: Mave
I've Been Waiting for the Wind to Change Direction: Mike P.
McAdam: Tony
April Fool: Les
Both Sides Now: Sheena/Paul
Donna Donna: Margaret
Teach Your Children Well: Lynda/Paul
Father & Son: Paul
Mary Don't You Weep: David
John Ball: Colin
As Tears Go By: Sheena/Paul
Dancing With You: Eddie
Disney Girls (1957): Jane/Dave
Silver Dagger: Anne
All My Loving: Les
Paper Moon: George
Kelly: Bill 1:2
Poisoning Pigeons In The Park: Ken
The Manchester Rambler: Mave
Samuel Oh How You've Changed: Mike P.
Eggs and Marrowbones: Tony
Black is the Colour: Margaret
Bound For the Mountains and the Sea: Lynda
The Autumn Leaves: Paul/George

If any kind soul could suggest an adequate superlative to describe this evening I'd be ________ grateful...


St. Anley said...

Oh, WOW!
You missed several stunning treats, Berry.
This gathering just gets better and better.
Welcome to Tony and Margaret. You'll do!
Many thanks to all.

London Apprentice said...

Yeah yeah I know. 'Been taking a break from life, the universe and Ken Hobbs. My musicality is at very low ebb and I have little money. Where did I see the reference to new club meeting spot? Girl guides eh! It's too risky.

St. Anley said...

For them, or us, Berry?