Saturday, October 29, 2011

Being The 28th day of October, 2011 ...

Disaster struck!

Please understand that the evening was enjoyable, (as usual,) and orchestrated by Berry in an unpredictable fashion.
Twenty people turned up, including four new faces whom we welcomed warmly, (as usual.)
We performed lots of songs and music, (as usual.)
Ken said lots of words, (as usual.)

"So what was the catastrophe?" you rightly ask.
Allow me to explain ...

I seem to have left my Diary of Doings at the Guide Hall.
I recall that Paul kicked off splendidly with She Moved Through the Fair, accompanied by ethereal Roger.
We finished with Your Cheatin' Heart - full cast led by Berry.

What happened in between is a bit of a blur.
Never fear:

We'll understand it all by-and-by ...

Addendum#1, 02/11/11:

In advance of my retrieval of  my Diary of Doings, Berry offered a comment about the evening's happenings that is worthy of being 'up-front' on this post:

"I would remind DS&W that we were very fortunate to have some superb turns and some unexpected visitors from Brighton. They spoke well of our club atmosphere and deserve our thanks."
Indeed, these visitors deserve our gratitude, but Sid, (he of the commanding voice,) came from Newton Abbot, via Brighton.

It was a great evening, and Berry done good!

Addendum#2, 04/11/11:
All is not lost ...

She Moved Through the Fair: Paul & Roger
Tom Paine's Bones: Mike P.
Shallow Brown: Sid
Roll on John: Roger
Working in the Mill: Mave
I'm in a New Place Now: Mick & Marion
Ashokan Farewell: John
Let's Do It: Ken
Amongst the Ghosts and Skeletons: Mike & Yvonne
Push a Little Button: Yvonne
Lost Child: Dave
Fall in Love with You: Marion & Mick
Try for the Sun: Laura & Colin
Last Letter Home: Berry
Sir Richard's Song: Colin
Banks of the Royal Canal: Sid
Drifting Without You: Mike P.
My Mother Said: Mave
Shall I Tell you about my Life: Roger
Whiskery Bob: Mike & Yvonne
A North Country Dance: John
Protest Song: Ken
The Lad on the Waltzer: Marion & Mick
Waterbound: Marion & Mick
Bind us Together: Yvonne
Tennessee Waltz: Paul
Intergalactic Laxative: Dave
Silver Darlings: Laura
Lovely Joan: Colin
Father Along: Roger
Shenandoah: Sid
Banks of the Ohio: Mick & Marion
Cheatin' Heart: Berry & full cast

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Being The 21st Day of October, 2011 ...

On this anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar eighteen people convened for another jolly evening of music and song during which three people mentioned the celebrated Admiral Lord Nelson.

With Paul in command of the quarterdeck we sang and played ...

Wild in the Country: Paul
Are You Missing Me: Angela, Roland & Paul
Streams of Lovely Nancy: Lynda
Fakenham Fair: Roland
Sweet Thames Flow Softly: Laura & Lorna
150 Days from Vancouver: Eddie
Let Her go Down: Mave
Humpback Whale: Ken
Old Man River: David
Why Worry Now: Nigel
Buffalo Gal, Won't you Come out Tonight: Les
Captain Colston: Colin
Jimmy Brown: Paul
I'm Going Down this Road: Angela
My Bonny Moorhen: Lynda
You Gentlemen of England: Roland
Song of the Chanter: Lorna
Adonis of the Island: Laura
Drift from the Land: Eddie
I Live in Trafalgar Square: Mave
Ruins by the Shore: Ken
How Deep the Father's Love: David
Peggy Gordon: Nigel
Cripple Creek: Les
The Blackbird: Colin
Let the Sun Shine on: Paul
Texas Rangers: Angela
Withered and Died: Lynda
Bury me Beneath the Willow: Les
These are my Mountains: Laura & Lorna
Rolling Home to Old England: Nigel

It then being eleven of the clock, (six bells,) we all rolled home.
Messengers were dispatched to tell of our glorious victory, and no corpses needed to be repatriated in a barrel of brandy.
Nobody kissed me ... hardly!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

CHILDREN IN NEED - 18th November: "It's time to show your spots"

City Folk Club will be supporting that most worthwhile cause Children in Need, again. This year it's on the 18th of November. We know that money raised for Children in Need really does do good. This year's motto is "It's time to show your spots".

What will we be doing? Well, Sponsored spotty Requests has always been popular, so this year we'll be having that again. Jane Renshaw (or if she's absent, Lynda) will give out request forms and take your £1 donation per request in the weeks before the event. This year, Pudsey is urging people to bake cakes, so there will be spotty fairy cakes available for a donation - plus there's a prize element: one cake will net the lucky 'purchaser' a substantial spotty prize. On the night, all money in the spotty pot will go to Children in Need - please bring as much money as you can to put in it. Folding spotty currency will be especially acceptable, but, of course, 'every little helps'. There'll be a few surprises, too! (Will Pudsey make another daring, and sudden descent? Will the decorations be spottier than last year? Will the MC stay awake for the whole evening?).

Come and join in the spotty fun - some say it's the best evening of the year! - doing what we always do, but with a spotty charitable purpose. Better still, come along in the weeks beforehand, to get your Sponsored Requests in - or be told what spots you've been asked to perform.

"It's time to show your spots"

Echo ...

For your delectation and continuing enjoyment the club now has use of a web-based audio-hosting facility.
At present only one person, (whose identity has been slightly obscured,) has given permission to publish.

Click > on the above gadget.
Work out who this is, listen and enjoy.

Being The 14th October, 2011 ...

We were delighted to welcome Ray back in our midst, and Angela directed another fine evening of music and song ...

Pleasant and Delightful: Angela
Blue Moon: Paul
I Will: Lucy
Seven Days: Lynda & Mike P.
This Land is Your Land: Ray
Love Farewell: Colin
Turkish Lady: Roland
Going to the Zoo: Yvonne
Sat in a Circle in the Sun: Mike H.
Widow Maker: Eddie
Convict Maid: Annie
Cliff's Birthday Tribute: Berry
Dimming of the Day: Jane & Roger
Bermuda Triangle Exit: Mick
Times Like This (?): Roger
Teacher Teacher: Mike P.
Song for Ireland: David
The Tryste: Nigel
Ten Thousand Miles: Ken
Stone Walling Song: Mave
Georgie Girl: Les
Bright Morning Star: Angela
Three Wooden Crosses: Les
If I Die an Old Maid: Mave
Over the Waves: Ken & Berry
The Town I Love So Well: Nigel
Leaving the Land: David
Motherless Child: Roger
Cruel Mother: Jane
Past Caring: Annie
Thousands or More: Eddie
Cockles and Mussels: Yvonne & Mike H.
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: Roland & Colin
Blackbird: Paul & Mick
Rolling Home: Ray

Here's Ray ...

During the proceedings Jane announced some plans for our special night for Children in Need 2011.
We will mark this and raise money with the rest of the nation on Friday 18th November.
Watch the blog for further details.
Better still ... come along to the club!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Being The 7th October, 2011 ...

How can I describe this wonderful evening of good company, camaraderie and music?

Mike took the chair with an air of gentle authority.
Here is Mike, looking sartorially elegant, at a picnic that he attended earlier this year ...

Here's what we did:

The Goodbye Hat: Mike
Blood Red Roses: Colin & Roland
Boulder to Birmingham: Paul
The Air that I Breathe: Lynda & Paul
Fisherman's Blues: Matt
The Rose: Margaret
Begone Dull Care: Sylvia
Hessle Road: John
Belle of Barnstaple: Jane & Colin M.
Blackwaterside: Mick
Billy the Kid: Roger
Warbash Cannonball: Les
The Fox Jumps over the Parson's Gate: Roland
Come all you Virginia Girls: Angela
Aloysius: Jane & Colin M.
Wonderful World: David
All the Good Times: Eddie
I Don't Like Mondays: Lucy
Wind and Tides Permitting: Mike
Meeting of the Waters: Colin
Nowhere Man: Paul
Maid of Culmore: Lynda
Dreaming of You: Matt
The Balcony: Margaret
When Father Papered the Parlour: Sylvia
Blow the Man Down: John
Bushes and Briars: Jane M.
Ride On: Molly
Pat Canny's Reel: Mick
Fulsome Prison: Les & Pam
Bold Princess Royal: Roland
I'll Fly Away: Angela
Steal Away: David
Hobo's Lullaby: Roger
Last Thing on my Mind: Eddie
Waterfall: Lucy
Durham Gaol: Jane & Colin M.

So how shall I describe it after all?
A wonderful evening of good company, camaraderie and music!
I was proud to be among you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Message from our Friend, Phine ...

Hi Everyone!

It has been a privilege to belong to The City Folk Club. I joined it when I first came down to West Sussex, and the Friday evening sessions have filled my life with rainbows.
Everyone is friendly and the talent there is simply admirable!

When I have been in Singapore and missed it all, I had gone onto YouTube to see and listen to the recording that [someone] made years ago. It made me feel that I was back in the group and that my friends were all around me.

I know I have made the right decision to go back to Singapore to be with my family and increasing number of grandchildren, but I shall regret not having you all and the folk club to attend each Friday. I will miss you and shall think of you on Fridays and wish every one of you happiness. Thank you all for your friendship and kindness ...


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bert Jansch, (1943 - 2011) ...

From one of the first vinyl albums I ever owned ...

Quoted in The Guardian:
"I'm not one for showing off. But I guess my guitar-playing sticks out."
Full article and obit. at

RIP, Bert.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Being The 30th September, 2011 ...

Oh, it's Friday evening again at The City Folk Club ...

Nineteen people turned up and put money in the pot.
One person popped in early and said, "Hello - goodbye."
She didn't pay.
Later, two people poked their heads around the door, wondering what was going on.
They declined an invitation to join us, but contributed to some enthusiastic applause as Mike H. finished his second spot.
Then they departed without paying either.

So what?
We had a quorum, and we could still pay the rent.
That's fine!

Paul took the chair and directed the following performances:

It May Take a Thousand Years: Paul
High Germany: Lynda
Beulah Land: Angela, Roland & Colin
You Gentlemen of England: Roland
The Widow Maker: Eddie
Last Day of September: Yvonne
The Harvester: Mike
Here Comes the Sun: Mick
Pretty Saro: Roger
I Didn't Care: Les
Long Black Veil: Margaret
We Plough the Fields and Scatter: David
Let's Keep it that Way: Phine
Field Behind the Plough: Nigel
When You were Sweet Sixteen: Tony
Handsome Molly: Colin
Another Girl: Paul
Outward Bound: Lynda & Paul
Old Virginee: Angela & Roland
By the Green Grove: Roland
Grey Funnel Line: Eddie
Who do you Think You're Fooling: Yvonne
Legacy: Mike
Harvest Home/Kil ... Barn Dance(?): Mick
Rear View Mirror: Roger
Wreck of the Old 97: Les & Pam
Till the White Rose Blooms Again: Margaret
Children and Flowers: David
Donna Donna: Phine & Colin
Wonderful Tonight: Nigel
Row On: Colin & full cast

In one particular way it was a special evening, tinged with slight sadness: it was Phine's last appearance with us before she departs for her new home in Singapore.
Here's Phine in a photograph I took five years ago ...

She doesn't look any older now, does she?
We said our farewells and responded to her musical requests, (after some time-consuming guitar tuning in a couple of quarters!)
Phine has been a delightful contributor in our company since those dark, cold, damp days at an earlier venue.
We will miss her, but the wonderful interweb thingy will ensure that we keep in touch.