Saturday, October 15, 2011

CHILDREN IN NEED - 18th November: "It's time to show your spots"

City Folk Club will be supporting that most worthwhile cause Children in Need, again. This year it's on the 18th of November. We know that money raised for Children in Need really does do good. This year's motto is "It's time to show your spots".

What will we be doing? Well, Sponsored spotty Requests has always been popular, so this year we'll be having that again. Jane Renshaw (or if she's absent, Lynda) will give out request forms and take your £1 donation per request in the weeks before the event. This year, Pudsey is urging people to bake cakes, so there will be spotty fairy cakes available for a donation - plus there's a prize element: one cake will net the lucky 'purchaser' a substantial spotty prize. On the night, all money in the spotty pot will go to Children in Need - please bring as much money as you can to put in it. Folding spotty currency will be especially acceptable, but, of course, 'every little helps'. There'll be a few surprises, too! (Will Pudsey make another daring, and sudden descent? Will the decorations be spottier than last year? Will the MC stay awake for the whole evening?).

Come and join in the spotty fun - some say it's the best evening of the year! - doing what we always do, but with a spotty charitable purpose. Better still, come along in the weeks beforehand, to get your Sponsored Requests in - or be told what spots you've been asked to perform.

"It's time to show your spots"

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