Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Remembering Pete Seeger ...

How many of our generation were introduced to American folk music by this man?

Here's the BBC news today: Pete Seeger dies at the age of 94.

Pete was a musician, poet and social commentator of his time ... 
an active pacifist and protester.

He was indicted for 'Un-American Activities' in the McCarthy considerations.
(For 'considerations' read 'repressive trials'.)

What did he do wrong?

He wrote and performed with integrity about things in which he believed.
He crafted songs of contemporary importance ... those songs we all remember.
He said and sang his piece (peace.)

We still sing his songs.
Those songs live on.

We can forgive him for being a banjo player!


When will they/we ever learn?

Being Friday the 24th of January, 2014 ...

It rained ...

Angela demonstrated appropriate footwear.

Paul borrowed Angela's waterproof jacket ...

"Don't you think it's time we went indoors?"

Tony reminded us that it will be Burns Night on the morrow ...

"Toe-rags round blistered feet ..."
sang Tony.

That led us to discuss the penalties for naked rambling ...

Mike was the only person to remove a single outer layer of clothing.
Everyone else shivered.

Seriously now, we were pleased to welcome Berry as MC, just recently recovering from a new virus, (as-yet to be classified.)
He handled the evening particularly well.

The death-count was minimal ... only three.
Heartbreak, however, was a common subject and there was significant melancholia.

We experienced two urban sunsets ...

This one's over Barnsley.

Then we went home in some unreasonable anticipation 'that another day may shine with brighter light.'

"We should have taken the train," said Jane.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Being Friday the 17th of January, 2014 ...

Paul opened with a hydro-electric wonder of the modern world ...

Native Americans weren't too happy about this.

Then Angela and Paul's song included something about a very strange topographical inversion ...

Blame those moles in the ground!

What else?

Dogsbody welcomed two new lives into the world ...

David charmed us with a hornpipe ...

Do not make eye-contact.
It puts him off!

Connor sang about a solo musician ...

Angela had a simile for love ...

Angela seems to have a thing about lepidopterae.

Molly, when invited to perform, said, "If only I had a brain."
Connor, accompanying, responded, "Sorry, I don't remember that one!"

There was fiddling, strumming, picking, harping and whistling, (but no dancing!) good company and much more before we went home humming about something pleasant and delightful.


Now, about those sponsored requests ...
The good news is that we have collated 46 requests for performance on or after our meeting in aid of Prostate Cancer UK on 7th February.

Look out for this tin and request forms.
They will be available at the club for the next two weeks.

It will cost you only £1.00 to hear your heart's desire.

Monday, January 20, 2014


So, what are you planning to do in September this year?

The City Folk Cub has received the following intelligence ...
The SOUTHDOWNS FOLK FESTIVAL will be held by ‘the sunniest Bognor Regis seaside’
.... (that’s what the publicity promises!)
... between 26th and 28th of September, 2014.

Here’s the flyer …

“But it’s only January!” I hear you say.
However, be aware that if you book before 1st February, you’ll be eligible for a 10% discount.
£50 and a bit can't be bad for three great concerts and 'much more'.

You can download a booking form by clicking here.

Shall we all go?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Being Friday the 10th of January, 2014 ...

With the weather abating, we succeeded in attracting sufficient numbers to pay the rent!

Look at this: we've nearly built a wall ...

The Guides say, "Thank you," and there are still some generous, gift-aided donations from our individual participants to be credited.

Mike led us in music and song.

His ship came in ... just in time.

There were songs about weather including this longed-for phenomenon ...

and ...

... they do blow cold.

There were animals ...

... or was it a dream?

We'll go ridin' ... you and me.

The deaths included some sheep on the Isle of Man, a mother and her baby suffering from hypothermia
and one brave General ...

Quebec, 13th September, 1759.

Les mentioned coleopterae ...

That led Angela, for some obscure reason, to talk about the mouth-parts of lepidopterae ...

"Please, Miss," asked an inquisitive little boy,
"How do butterflies kiss?"

Paul educated us regarding mathematics and procreation ...

... that's the name of the game.

Any message that you might consider sending to Mary must not include reference to this form of conveyance ...

... and don't tell her I'm in jail.

Mave can surely be forgiven for a delightful parody that referred to denture-fixatives ...

Elayne enchanted us all from Middle Earth ...

Dogsbody wept!
(Nobody noticed, did they?)

Ken sang about an alcoholic spirit and a very dangerous, generously-chested lady ...

Dogsbody wept.
Nobody noticed.
So we all just went home.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Being Friday the 3rd of January, 2014 ...

Phil Everly died on this day.

R.I.P. Phil.

It has been opined in the public domain, with some authority, that, had it not been for the Everly Brothers’ ground-breaking harmonies, The Beatles and many other contemporary bands/artists would never have existed.

Moreover, Paul’s repertoire would be seriously diminished.

Otherwise, what happened at the club will remain a closely guarded secret known only to a very select few who braved the extreme weather.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fund-Raising for Prostate Cancer UK ...

Here’s something you need to know …

Our meeting on Friday 7th February will be devoted to fund-raising on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK.

How will we raise funds?

  • The ENTIRE SUBSCRIPTION POT will be donated.
We expect the usual £2.00 per head, and if you’d like to give more, we are sure that will be greatly appreciated.


Please bring along some desirable prize that we may raffle during the interval.


We like requests.

Those of you who have attended our Children-in-Need evenings in previous years know how this works …
You, the requestor, invite a performer or collaboration to sing/play a particular song/piece of music from their known repertoire.
The privilege of submitting such a request will cost you £1.00, (non-refundable!)

Forms for making requests will be available at the club every Friday evening until 31st January.
Performers will be circulated about their obligations in advance of the evening - the sooner the better, please.

If you need reminding about who sings/plays whatever, hard copy of our song lists is held in a folder at the club; you are welcome to peruse this.
Otherwise, email any enquiries to cityfolkclub@gmail,com and I will do my best to remind you from the confidential archive.