Sunday, November 28, 2010

Carols on the Meadow ...

The Friends of the Old Bridge Meadow have invited us to attend Carols on the Meadow, beginning at 6.00pm on Friday 17th December.
Our remit is to ‘support and give some volume to the carols and in so-doing encourage those there to sing up with enthusiasm.’
We can do that, can’t we?

"What meadow?" you may ask ...
It’s the one alongside the A259 adjacent to the roundabout at Bosham, opposite Memories of India, PO18 8PG, near what was once The White Swan pub:

Look out for the brightly illuminated tree:

Mulled wine and other seasonal refreshments will be available, but you are required to supply your own thermal underwear.
There will be a Salvation Army band playing well-known carols, and hymn-sheets will be provided.
Father Christmas has been booked.

But ... ” I hear you exclaim, “That’s our fish-and-chip evening!”

So it is … yet, be not afraid!
The meadow event is scheduled to finish at 7.20pm and I have said that we MUST be away by then.
That gives us plenty of time to get to the Guide Hall by 8.00 for a prompt start to our usual musical activities.

The Guide Hall will already have been set up during the afternoon, but, if you are not attending the carols and arrive early at the hall, you might have to wait for a key-holder to arrive. Please have patience!

By the way, Lynda needs to know your orders for fish-and-chips by Friday this week - see earlier post at fish 'n chips.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Thanks to all of you, and a top-up by the City Folk Club, Children in Need is now FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS better off.

A magnificent effort. Words cannot express our thanks. The appeal has reached over 18 million, and your 500 quid goes on top of that.

Be Proud of yourselves!

Thoughts about next summer ...

A couple of weeks ago, on a glorious autumn afternoon, I walked along the sea-front in Bognor.
I came across this magnificent piece of Victorian municipal architecture ...

It took me several days, and a new piece of hardware, (well - a USB cable that those kind people at Vodaphone gave me for nothing!) to work out how to retrieve this image from my new mobile phone.

"Wouldn't that be a wonderful alfresco venue for a folk club?" I thought.

I shared this outrageous notion with our MC.
"Hmm..." said he!

Children in Need Night - fantastic!

A most enjoyable night, making music, having fun, and digging in our pockets for Children in Need. Enormous thanks to all who participated, especially some very generous souls (you know who you are!).

Final counting is still going on, but we passed and surpassed last year's total in a rough count part-way through the evening. More news to follow when we've got the final total.

There are not enough superlatives to adequately express the magnitude of the effort, and the great result.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're marvelous!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Being The 19th Of November 2010.

Come Here: David/Colin
Come Write Me Down: Colin/Jane
Amazing Grace: Margaret
I'll See You In My Dreams: Berry
Under The Bridges Of Paris: Maggie
Dancing With You: Eddie
The Air That I Breath: Lynda/Paul
Famous Blue Rain Coat: Jane/David
You Do Something To Me: Brenda/Berry
Poor Old Horse: Bill 1:1
Rear View Mirror: Roger
Anniversary Waltz: Lorna/Laura
Greensleeves: Laura/Lorna/Colin
Everybody's Talking: Mick/Marion
I'll Fly Away: Angela/Roland
Donna, Donna: Phine/Colin
King of Rome: Lucy
2 Ships: Jane W.
Children In Need Tonight: Ken/Mave
Mary Skeffington: Paul
Bottom Of The Bottle: David
Martin Said To His Man: Colin
Plaisir d'Amore: Margaret
Have A Drink On Me/Rail Road ?: Ken/Berry
Union Miners: Eddie
The Brisk Lad: Lynda
You & Me: Beheld
Jack O'Ryan: Bill 1:1/Mick
Romeo and Juliette: Roger
My Clinch Mountain Home: Angela/Roland
Crazy: Brenda/Berry
Who Knows Where The Time Goes: Lucy
Waiting At The Church: Mave
Pinball Wizard: Ken
Wonderful Life: Paul
When All Men Sing: Colin
Further Along: Roger
Your Cheating Heart: Full Cast


The post regarding the Club Raffle in aid of Children in Need indicates that some tomatoes are offered as a prize. Please be advised that bringing tomatoes and other soft fruit into the club is in contravention of Club Rules. This is for the protection of performers.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Prizes ...

You people at The City Folk Club are so incredibly generous.
Here are some more desirable items, donated by Berry and Brenda, that you could win in our raffle for Children in Need ...


A useful timing device ...

Something called 'Martin' in medium size ...

A souvenir for petrol-heads ...

Best of all ...

... an original picture, by Brenda, cleverly demonstrating the subliminal spectre of a photographer.
Look carefully, now.
This is destined to become a highly-prized collectors' piece.

Show how much you covet these pieces.
Be there on Friday, 19th, 8.00pm for a prompt start.
Purchase dozens of raffle tickets from my charming assistant.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Being The 12th Of November 2010.

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens: David
Scarecrow: Colin
Lay Me Low: Lynda
Shepherds Hey: Lorna
Have You Ever Been Lonely?: Berry
Morning Town Ride: Yvonne
As Time Goes By: Brenda/Berry
It Takes A Worried Man: Mike
Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag: Roger
O'Carolan's Draft: Mick
I'll Take You Dancing Again: Mave
Going For A Soldier Jenny Dear: Ken
Torn Between Two Lovers: Phine
The Storms Are On The Ocean: Angela
Dancing At Whitsun: Jane
Andrew Rose: Roland
Pilot Of The Air Waves: Paul
See Me Run: David
The Trees They Do Grow High: Colin
The False Bride: Lynda
Young Collins: Lorna
I Only Want To Be With You: Yvonne
All Of Me: Brenda/Berry
? : Mike
The Story Of Issac: Roger
The Rambling Pitchfork: Mick
The Manchester Rambler: Mave
Things We Said Today: Ken/Berry/Paul
Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: Angela
Only Remembered: Jane
The Day Is Done: Margaret

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Children in Need Update ...

Thank you, everyone!

So far our gathering has generated £68.00 for this charitable enterprise.
Most of that is for sponsored requests. I have collated 42 so far, and one promissory note.
I hope to circulate performers soon after close-of-play next Friday.
Please do not be disappointed if your don't hear your chosen piece on the night, or if you don't have the opportunity to perform. The music will be there in future weeks, but our CiN bank closes at midnight on the 19th.

Many of you have subscribed to Pudsey's sweep-stake, but there are still gaps to be filled.
You stand to win a voucher for £20.00 for HMV.

Then there's the raffle. Only £6.00 so far, and I know we'll do better.
Some desirable prizes have been illustrated in an earlier post.
Here's another one generously provided by Pam and Les ...

There are more promised, and my thanks to those generous people who have already donated/promised prizes.

CiN has always proved an enjoyable evening at the City Folk Club.
This year we will be entertaining some important guests representing the Guiding Movement.
Let's behave well and showcase our talent.

Please be involved.
Throw money, preferably folded.
Don't forget ... SHOW YOUR SPOTS!
Here are mine ...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Being The 5th Of November 2010.

From the Underworld: David
Oh, Very Young: Paul
I Shall Be Released: Sheena
The Maid Of Culmore: Lynda
Verdant Braes Of Skreen: Jane/Colin/David
Now That She Is In The Club: Tony
Song For A Winters Night: Martin/Anne/Alan
Kilamona Barn Dance: Mick/Mike P.
When I Leave Berlin: Mike P.
November The 5th: Ken
Love Is Life: Mave
Devil Woman: Berry
Blaydon Races: Lorna
Tennessee Waltz: George
Swing Low Sweet Chariot: Robin/Jane
I'm Not Afraid To Die: Roger
We Dreamed Our Dreams: Colin
Grandad: Les
Fly Me To The North: Martin/Anne/Alan
It Must Be True: David
All The Things You Are: Paul//George
Child In Need: Les
You've Got A Friend: Sheena
High Germany: Lynda
?: Shipwrecked
Pat Cannie's Reel: Mick/Mike P.
Gypsy: Mike P.
Chocolate (?): Ken
I'll Go No More A Rovin': Mave
Waltz For A Wedding: Lorna
Jim Kissing You: Robin
? : Jane
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: Roger/Colin
Lovely Starry Night: Shipwrecked