Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here's a potted history ...

On this day, 10 years ago, some of us met to make music at The Richmond Arms in West Ashling.

That venue soon proved unsatisfactory, and our weekly tenure became unreliable.

Max wandered the streets of Chichester and discovered the (now-defunct) Regnum Club in South Street.
Early in 2005 we occupied a dark, damp and cold basement-room of that establishment.
People came along and made music.
Even though the surroundings were somewhat dismal, we had fun.

There were memorable occasions.
Often you couldn’t hear a pin drop as one of our participants would give a heart-stopping performance.
We would close our eyes, slow our breathing and imbibe supreme music through the very pores of our souls.

Occasionally new faces would appear.
Commonly they would apologetically say, "I've never done this before ... "
Then ... oh, what rapture!

In 2000-and-forgotten-something… we started to hear rumours ...
The Regnum Club was failing, and likely to close.
With girded loins on bicycles, (and with minimal apology,) we upped-and-left to occupy our present venue: The Guide Hall in Whyke Lane.

This has been a very happy association with the Guides.
The room is comfortable and usually warm.
The acoustics are favourable, and the facilities clean and functional.

So … what has The City Folk Club achieved in ten years?

From the outset we never had any clearly-stated aims, goals or objectives.

Importantly, we have made many new friends, cemented old friendships, encouraged new-comers, spawned collaborations, (weathered floods and and extinguished conflagrations!)

... made music
... made music
... and more terrific music that just keeps getting better
... and we’ve had a great time doing it!

Of course, there are several people that I have failed to name or acknowledge in this account.
That is intentional because I would hate to omit anyone from the following sentiment ...
You know who you are ... all of you.
The City Folk Club is your club.
Without your very valued support, regularly or intermittently, it would not exist.

Thank you, everyone, congratulations and MANY HAPPY RETURNS!


PS. We are considering some sort of proper celebration later in the year. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wills and Gosbee hit the airwaves ...

Did you know that Ken hosts a radio show, FOLK FOR ALL, on Chichester Hospital Radio?

Ken broadcasts every Thursday evening from 6.00 to 7.00pm.

It’s always rather good, featuring much local talent, and including folk news from around the area.

Now you can listen on-line.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Ken will be hosting our friends Mick and Roger.
So, turn on your PC/laptop/mobile smart-device at 6.00pm and follow this link:

You won’t regret it.
You can eat later!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Being Friday the 21st of February ...

There seems to be some marginal abatement of the inclement weather.

Are we sure about this, Carol?
By the way, you are looking particularly slim
in this digitally compressed image.

Dogsbody wandered the streets to engage with and encourage five new faces to join our gathering.

Welcome, Ed, Simon, Irene, Amy and Melissa.
Simon, Ed and family found us through our friendship with Evershed Arts
Melissa found us on-line.
(Keep watching. The blogs are now restored.)

As 8.20pm approached, Angela, somewhat cold and moist, was discovered sauntering dejectedly along Whyke Lane in the drizzle.
“Don’t worry,” said Dogsbody, “I’ve boiled the kettle!”

Mike took the chair claiming the everything is his fault.

Do not sit here!

Moseley fell over ...

Of course, we had several ‘left-overs’ from the sponsored requests effort.
Performers were encouraged.
Listeners heard what they wanted to hear.
... and there are many more to come.

Pam, fulfilled a request.
Accompanied by Les, she invoked even more rain ...

Berry said he was only pretending ... to do precisely what remains questionable ... but he done good!

Elayne suffered a nightmare in a second-class carriage ...

Before embarking for the continent from Harwich.

We heard once more of lepidopterae, yellow roses, an ancient castle and a Shakespearean tragedy.

Remember. Remember ...

  • Nobody really died.
  • No limbs were severed.
  • Nothing of serious consequence happened out of wedlock.
  • Was there an over-night ferry after the train?

That was a particularly good night!

Thank you to everyone who came along, performed, passed and watched from the side-lines.

More of the same on Friday, 28th, and, please remember, not on 7th March.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Thank you all for your patience ...

Yes, the blogs are back!

Many apologies for the delay in updating this chronicle.

Life goes on, the world continues to rotate and The City Folk Club is almost 10 years old.

... and we're all ten years older!

Being Friday the 7th of February, 2014 ...

Now, this was an evening to remember.
35 people attended our fund-raising exercise in aid of Prostate Cancer Support Organisation.

We had to call for extra chairs!

We were pleased to welcome John, fund-raiser for the charity.
John is the chap near front-left in the blue-checked shirt talking to Paul.

To document everything that went on would be time-consuming, but we all enjoyed hearing those requests that people so generously submitted.
The performers were all well rehearsed and gave of their very best.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed in so many ways.
A combination of revenue from the sponsored requests, a raffle and sale of cakes, (courtesy of Molly,) generated a magnificent £300.00 that we have been able to donate to PCaSO.

Star prize, kindly donated by Jo and Graham.

Mick chose to sit on the floor.

John seemed to be mightily impressed, and sent this letter of sincere gratitude ...

That's for everyone!

Being Friday the 31st of January, 2014 ...

Angela demonstrated her new ukulele strap ...

Paul assured us he was only sleeping ...