Sunday, October 31, 2010


On Friday 17th December, in anticipation of the festive season, we will be hosting a Fish and Chip Supper at the Guide Hall.

We plan that our caterers, (La Fish,) will deliver at 21.00hrs.

We need to know numbers and requirements by 3rd December, so BOOK NOW!

There will not be a pot collection on the evening, but we ask that you contribute the not-unreasonable sum of £2.00 towards the food at the time of booking.

The club will supply paper plates, napkins, cutlery, condiments and sauces in-house.
You will, as usual, bring your own beverages.

(This event will NOT be publicised beyond our usual gathering, and we may have to restrict numbers. Of course there may be people who have difficulty thinking ahead, or just turn up without telling us in advance. They will be welcome to enjoy the music but, unless we generously share a chip or two, they’ll just have to watch us eat!)

So, if you plan to come and eat, please supply the information requested below and pass it on, with your £2.00, to Lynda, or let her know as soon as you can …
01243 783211 or 07740 434554

Name. …………………………………………………………………………..

Telephone number and/or email address. …………………………………………………...

Please tick ONE item from the following menu: 
  • Cod …
  • Haddock ...
  • Scampi …
  • Chicken quarter -  leg ... or wing ...
  • Sausage - battered ... or naked ...
  • Beef-burger in a bun with coleslaw … or mixed salad …
  • Veggie-burger in a bun with coleslaw … or mixed salad … 
Then answer these simple questions:
  • Do you want chips? – YES/NO?
  • Would you like mushy peas? – YES/NO? 
I declare that I have committed to memory precisely what I have ordered, and I understand that my £2.00 contribution is non-refundable!

Signed …………………..

Hard copy of the above legal document will be circulated at the club next Friday.
I hope that Lynda will be in attendance to receive your completed responses ... and your money!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Being The 29th Of October 2010.

Come Here: David/Colin
The Hand Weaver and the Factory Maid: Colin
The Queen's Jig/Sellinger's Round: Lorna/Laura
Planxty Irwin/Star of the County Down: Natalie
The Autumn Song: Anne/Alan
The Ballad of Bethnal Green: Sylvia
Winster's Gallop: John
How Happy We Will Be: Les
Monster Mash: Ken
Watching You Sleep: Mave
The Carnival Is Over: Phine
My Clinch Mountain Home: Angela/Roland
?/Rocky Road To Dublin: Bill 1:1
Solitude: Lucy
Terror Time: Anne/Alan
In The Smoke: David/Colin
She Moved Through The Fair: Colin
Dalesman's Litany: Laura/Colin
Good Advice: Lorna
Over The Hills And Far Away: Natalie
Slumber My Darling: Anne/Alan
Little Polly Perkins: Sylvia
The Full Haul: John
Isn't It Grand To Be Bloody Well Dead: Les
?: Ken
I Wonder If Anyone Will Marry Me Now: Mave
Autumn Leaves: Phine
When The Saints Go Marching In: Angela/Roland
What's The Life Of A Man?: Bill 1:1
St. James Hospital: Lucy
Things: Paul
The Bay of Biscay: Anne
January Man/Jumbo The Elephant: Paul

More about the Children in Need raffle ...

OK, to tempt you further, here are some more highly desirable prizes to be won in our raffle in aid of Children in Need:

A hardly-used electro-acoustic Mandolin that looks a bit like this …

This huge Teddy Bear …

An electronic tuner/metronome …

Then, we have this book, written and generously donated by our resident author, Phine ...

You can read about this novel at Phine's website

Raffle tickets at 20 pence each (£1.00 per strip) will be available to purchase at the club every week until 19th November. If you purchase tickets beforehand, and suddenly realise that you won’t be able to make it on the night, phone me (01243 574021) or email to, and let me know the colour and number/s of your tickets, and your first choice of prize.

In your absence, if you’re a winner, we might not be able to give you the prize of your choice, but we’ll do our best to find something suitable.

Then again, what is your excuse for not being there?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Being The 22nd Of October 2010.

At The Bottom Of This Bottle: David
The Butcher Boy: Lynda
Have A Drink On Me/Lost John: Ken/Berry
Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage: Mave
Keep Your Hands Off Her: Adrian
Pretend: Berry
Farewell Sorrow: Jane
Both Sides Now: Margaret/Paul
Brave Wolfe: Roger
I'm Going To Do It All: Mike P.
Zepplin: Mick
Texas Ranger: Angela
Full Many A Glorious Morning: Roland
Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me: Jane
Anything That's Part Of You: Paul
Late October: David
Birds: Lynda
By The Time: Ken
With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm: Mave
The Secret Of Life: Adrian
Help Me Make It Through The Night: Lucy/Berry/Paul
Fare Thee Well Dearest Nancy: Jane/David
The Carnival Is Over: Margaret
Wrong Side Of Midnight: Roger
Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: Mike P.
?: Mick/Mike P.
I Come Like A Begger: Jane
April Come She Will: Lucy
If You Loved Me: Paul

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Amazing Mr. Brock ...

Wouldn’t you like to own these truly wonderful images?

The above colour-plate by H. M. Brock, R.I., faces page 56 in that vintage ‘Book of Old Ballads’ described in my earlier post about Children in Need.
It illustrates a ballad entitled 'The Boy and the Mantle.'

Then there's this one ...

For the ladies, I hope you’ll be titillated by this image of Beverley Nichols ...

Raffle tickets, sold in aid of Children in Need, for this major prize will be on sale as from Friday 29th October at the club.
I have a book of 500 raffle tickets to sell.
I intend to purchase all those left over when you've finished!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Being The 15th Of October 2010.

Beheld: David/Colin
Hessle Road: Colin
Banks and Braes of Bonny Doon: Laura/Lorna
Lowlands of Holland: Jane/Dave
Barclay Girl: Berry
The Owl and the Pussy Cat: Roger
The Dutchman: Bill 1:2
Umbrella Man: Mave
Walls: Derek
The Brisk Lad: Lynda
Vesta Pol: Mick
West Virginia Mining Disaster: Angela
Seeing My Father Crying: Les
I Can't Stop Loving You: Berry/Paul
I Don't Want To Grow Up: David
Lish Young Buy A Broom: Colin/Laura
Michael Row The Boat Ashore: Lorna
Fairytale Lullaby: Jane/Dave
When You're Smiling: Berry
Roll On John: Roger
Ferry Across The Mersey: Bill 1:2
Play Me: Margaret
Just A Song At Twilight: Mave
As Far As The Eye Can See: Derek
Hush-a-by Mountain: Lynda
Boolie House Jig/The Butterfly: Mick
Lover's Farewell: Angela
Selsey Blues: Roland
Silver Wings: Les
Raining In My Heart: Paul

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Show Your Spots ...

As in previous years, The City Folk Club will be supporting the annual Children in Need appeal.
This will be held on Friday, 19th November.

While the rest of the world is watching Sir Tel on telly, we will be at the Guide Hall raising money.

How will we do this?

• Sponsored requests.
• Sweepstake.
• Raffle.

(You will be able to get involved with these efforts at the club from 29th October onwards.)

• Fines, at the MC’s discretion for any perceived misbehaviour or use of forbidden words.
• The entire pot contribution for that evening will be donated to CiN, so be generous.

How can you help?

• Come along to the club and see what’s going on.
• Bring a raffle prize on the evening. Several prizes have already been offered. Here's one desirable treasure, published in 1934 ...

We can use more, preferably new or near-new. Those hideous socks that Granny sent you for Christmas will suffice, as long as they are unworn and in original packaging.
• Encourage participants by filling in request forms; that’ll cost you £1.00 for each request. No guarantees. No refunds!
• Bring money. We’ll extract it, even if we have to turn you upside-down!

Be there!

By the way, Pudsey’s theme this year is ‘Show Your Spots’.
(And I thought I’d outgrown that traumatic period of adolescence!)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Being The 8th Of October 2010.

Beheld: David
The Verdant Braes of Skreen: Colin
Gunner Joe: Sylvia
It Was Memorable Meal: John
?: Geoff
Lady of Beauty: Eddie
Lord of the Dance: Yvonne
Angel Face: Berry
A Rake and Rambling Boy: Margaret
Fotheringay: Mike
Barbary Ellen: Jane
I've Got You Under My Skin: Brenda/Berry
Maid Of Culmore: Lynda
White Groves: Les
Alzheimer's Waltz: Melvin
Let No Man Steal Your Tyme: Mavis
Don't You Be Foolish Pray: Ken
Candyman: Mick
Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do: Mike P.
The Swallow Song: Anne
John Hardy: Angela/Roland
?: Jane
Lullaby of Birdland: Lucy
Take These Chains From My Heart: Paul//Berry
?: Eddie
Remember When: Les
Butterflies: Mike/Yvonne
Last Night Another Soldier: Melvin
Down By The Riverside: Ken/Berry
Vinegar: Geoff
Dark-haired True Lover: Angela/Roland
Heart: David/Colin
Passing Through: Roger
Finnish Polka: Mick/Mike P.
The Cityist People: Lucy
The House That Jack Built: Paul
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood: Anne

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wukulele Festival 2010.

I've mentioned (to anyone within earshot) the uke festival several times in past weeks.
I'm the Fringe Festival event on Saturday the 9th October starting at 13:00 in the Wheatsheaf Pub.
Tthe first act on the bill is (oh, what a surprise) Jane, Colin and myself now working under the name (subject to confirmation) 'Beheld'.

At the risk of pushing it a bit to far, here's all the official information anyone could ask for:

South Coast International Ukulele Festival
8th, 9th and 10th October 2010 in Worthing, West Sussex.
Venues: St. Paul’s Centre and Assembly Hall, Worthing.
Box office: Tel: 01903 751752.
Book online at

By now everybody's aware of the incredible and ever-increasing popularity
of the ukulele. It's an instrument that anyone, it seems, can pick up and
learn for fun. Ukulele jams have sprung up all over the country, providing
homespun entertainment for a generation of DIY enthusiasts. What's not so
obvious is that in the hands of a virtuoso, the instrument can produce
spellbinding and truly beautiful music. With the WUKULELE FESTIVAL, the
British ukulele scene comes of age.

Friday 8 October: Sean O'Hagan: Music for Sixty Ukuleles and Sixty
Schoolchildren. Performed by pupils of Whytemead First Primary School.
Commission supported by PRS for Music Foundation.

Saturday 9 October: Bob Brozman (USA); Sophie Madeleine (UK); U.K.E.
featuring Lionel K. Hubert (France); The Half Sisters (UK); Ukulelezaza

Sunday 10 October: Richard Durrant (UK); The Re-entrants (UK); Yan Yalego
(France); The Bobby McGees (UK); The Uke Box (Holland).
Workshops for all levels, extensive fringe, stalls, more.

Believe me when I say 'this is going to be BIG'
(The festival I mean. Not the ukulele which will remain quite small.)

Being The 1st Of October 2010.

I Don't Want To Grow Up: David
Dreaming: Paul
It's To Late Baby: Sheena
Don't You Be Foolish Prey: Ken
Four Strong Winds: Les
Take Me Back To ? One More Time: Marion/Mick
Rosyanna: Jane/Colin/David
?: Duncan
I'm Bound For The Mountains And The Sea: Lynda
Just A Closer Walk With Thee: Berry
Greensleeves: Laura/Lorna
King Of The Sea: Roland
Pancho And Lefty: Kerry
Two Ships: Jane
Seashore: Mick
Betsy The Serving Maid: Colin
Come Here: David/Colin
Steal Away: Paul
V.F.D. : Sheena
Ruins By The Shore: Ken
The Calico Printers Clerk: Mave
Now The Buffalo Have Gone: Les
Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong: Mick/Marion
I Send My Love To You: Jane/Colin/David
Kyinka: Duncan
I Remember Dublin City: Lynda
Worried Man Blues/Cumberland Gap: Ken/Berry
La Cucaracha: Lorna
Spanish Lady: Laura
Wreck Of Old 97: Roland
Mind Your Own Back Yard: Kerry
Country Maid: Jane
When All Men Sing: Colin

Being The 27th September 2010

This Small Stone: David/Colin
Help Me Make It Through The Night: Paul
Lady Of Beauty: Eddie
I Send My Love To You: Jane/Colin/David
An Englishman In New York: Tony
Snorkel: Mick
Awake, Awake: Angela
?: Jenny
Fair Lovely Nelly To The Wake Did Go: Bill 1:1
Orphan Girl: Lynda
Aeolian Medley: Colin
When The Spring Has Come: David
Your Mother And I: Paul
Miners Welfare: Eddie
Wayfaring Stranger: Jane/Colin/David
Julia Clifford/Din Tarrent's Polka: Mick
There Were Three Sailors From Bristol City: Angela
Hear The Wind Blow: Jenny
The Full Dressed Ship: Bill 1:1
Molly Ban: Lynda
Morton Bay: Colin
Flower Of The Valley: David
Bird On A Wire: Paul
Love Hurts: Lucy/Paul

Two Ships

On Friday 1st October we were treated to an original 'take' on the tale of Lord John Franklin.
A relatively new participant, Jane Wickenden, performed her own composition.
Jane kindly wrote out a transcription for me, and has given permission for it to be published here ...

Two Ships
Jane Wickenden

The Terror and the Erebus,
Under ice they lie,
Lost in the northern waters,
And frozen to the sky.

Anchored to the icebergs,
Their spars on the deep sea bed,
Crewed by seals and polar bears,
While stars roll overhead.

Sunk by their lead-lined coffins,
John Franklin’s men lie deep.
Until the sea gives up its dead,
They sleep as the living sleep.

But Franklin’s men will rise again
And set hand to the oar,
Bound for the port of Paradise,
And coming back no more.

In giving permission, Jane offered the following explanatory notes ...

"I wrote the original version of this in the late 80s after seeing a programme on BBC2 about Sir John Franklin who, with over 60 of the crew of HMSs Erebus & Terror, died in the mid-19th century (of scurvy/starvation/cold/lead-poisoning from faulty tinned food) while searching for the North West Passage. I recently decided it might be worth singing and re-wrote it - the tune is what I know as Dives and Lazarus (Star of County Down / Van Diemen's Land)."

Well done, Jane!