Saturday, November 21, 2009

That much!!!

Ken pretends that he doesn't know how to post stuff on the blog.

He has aked me to post this message from him to everyone...

You magnificent people have confounded our expectations once again. Your generous support in buying raffle tickets and Guess-the-Pudsey entries, donating raffle prizes, sponsoring requests, and cheerfully being fined, means that I have been able to pay in £370 to help disadvantaged children in the UK. And we all had fun doing it! Congratulations on being the bestest, loveliest bunch ever - it's a privilege to know you. Thanks go to Colin and Jane for organising the raffle, the Pudsey thing and the requests, and to David for MC-ing, and, of course, to everyone who contributed fiscally and musically, both on the night and beforehand. On behalf of Children in Need, thank you - your money will make a difference.

I add my own thanks for all the support, enthusiasm and generosity that this project attracted. The outcome was truly remarkable and unprecedented in the history of the City Folk Club.
Very well done, all of you.
Thanks, too, to Ken for counting all that small change into the early hours.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Being the Thirteenth of November 2009...

David: The Stars In Your Eyes
Paul: If I Were A Carpenter
Eddie: The Grey Funnel Line
Yvonne: I Only Want to be With You
Mike: One True Love
Les: Lyin' Eyes
Jane: The Bay of Biscay
Berry: I Love You Because
Dave: Horse With No Name
Jane: Jack Frost
Lorna: Eye Level
Ray: The Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill
Phine: Could I Have This Dance?
Mick: Waltz in E, Am & B
Lynda: After the Gold Rush
Ken: Paddy's Lament
Margaret: We'll Sing in the Sunshine
Colin: Scarecrow
Mave: Roads
David: The Race Is On
Les: Devoted To You
Paul: Father and Son
Eddie: I'll Lay You Down
Mike: All These Things and More
Jane/David: Friday I'm In Love
Berry: Storms Never Last/In Dreams
Dave: Barges
Lorna: Jamaica
Ray: Dark Eyed Beauty
Phine: I'll Do My Crying in the Rain
Mick: Kerfunken Jig
Lynda: How's the World Treating You
Margaret: Sunshine on my Shoulder
Colin: A Night Visit Song
Mave: I'll Do My Frying in the Rain

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Being the Sixth of November 2009...

Fair Thee Well Dearest Nancy: David
Clouds: Paul
Get Up Jimmy Newman: Ken
Galloping: Chris
? : Mave
Lay Me Low: Lynda
Lady of Beauty: Eddie
? : Jane
Love Will Tear Us Apart: Mike P.
The Tower: Dave
Something: Les
Obama/Osama: Mike
Pentland Hills/Mayday: Bill 1:1
Tom Bowling: Colin
Zeppelin: Mick
Handbags and Gladrags: David
My Three Brothers: Mave
Crying, Waiting, Hoping: Paul
What Ever Happened to Saturday Night? : Lynda
Out of the Blue: Mick
Wrecking Ball: Jane/David
Roses of No Man's Land: Eddie
Year of the Cat: Dave
A Most Peculiar Man: Mike P.
Imagine: Les
November Sixth: Ken
Farewell Angelina: Mike/Janet
Creeping Jane: Bill 1:1
Sportsmen Arouse: Colin
Swedish Tune: Mike

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Being the Thirtieth of October 2009...

Every Grain of Sand: David
John Barleycorn/Bring Us In Good Ale/Westron Wynde: Colin
In My Life: Paul
As Strong As Corn: Yvonne
Please Don't Call Me Louise: Mike
Country Fair: Mick
Matty Groves: Dave
What Have They Done To The Rain? : Bill 1:2
Danny Boy: Josie
Hold On Tight To Your Dream: Berry
Isle of Hope: Anne
All Gone Away: Ray
Let Her Go Down: Mave
Music and Movement: Ken
Shepherd's Hey/Jocky To The Fair: Bill 1:1
Memories of East Texas: Mike P.
You and Me: David
Lyke Wake Dirge: Colin
A Little Bitty Tear: Paul
Wiskery Bob: Mike
Neil Gow's Lament for His Brother/Rory of the Hills: Mick
Spanish Train: Dave
True Love Ways: Bill 1:2
Your My Best Friend: Josie
I'll Never Find Another You: Berry
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood: Anne
It's Hard To Be Humble: Ray
Old Tyme Dancing (Stately as a Galleon): Mave
So Sad To Watch Good Fruit Go Bad: Ken
Sam Hall: Bill 1:1
Take Good Care of My Baby: Mike P.