Saturday, November 21, 2009

That much!!!

Ken pretends that he doesn't know how to post stuff on the blog.

He has aked me to post this message from him to everyone...

You magnificent people have confounded our expectations once again. Your generous support in buying raffle tickets and Guess-the-Pudsey entries, donating raffle prizes, sponsoring requests, and cheerfully being fined, means that I have been able to pay in £370 to help disadvantaged children in the UK. And we all had fun doing it! Congratulations on being the bestest, loveliest bunch ever - it's a privilege to know you. Thanks go to Colin and Jane for organising the raffle, the Pudsey thing and the requests, and to David for MC-ing, and, of course, to everyone who contributed fiscally and musically, both on the night and beforehand. On behalf of Children in Need, thank you - your money will make a difference.

I add my own thanks for all the support, enthusiasm and generosity that this project attracted. The outcome was truly remarkable and unprecedented in the history of the City Folk Club.
Very well done, all of you.
Thanks, too, to Ken for counting all that small change into the early hours.


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