Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Annie's Venture; a FREE concert

This free concert is organised by our own Annie Winter. It's on Tomorrow - the FIRST of JULY. Spread the word, turn up, enjoy!

CFC's Short Story Competition ...

CFC participants are invited to create a short and entertaining story/documentary/essay based on one of David’s chronicles of CFC’s song lists on the blog.

Submissions are limited to one per household and must:
  1. Occupy no more than one side of A4 in large print.
  2. Be entirely original and not have been published elsewhere prior to the winning announcement.
  3. Refer to only one specific song list blog post, and allude to at least 50% of the material performed.
  4. Contain no Anglo-Saxon expletives or unforgivable personal abuse.
  5. Be accompanied by a donation of £1.00 to Children in Need.
The winning entry, as adjudged by an unsuspecting volunteer (TBA) who has the time, will be read by the contributor while everyone else eats fish and chips at the Christmas party.

The winner will receive a memorable award from CFC, and be immortalised by having his/her literary efforts published on this blog!

Opening date for entries - 29th October.
Closing date - 19th November. (That's Children in Need evening.)
Announcement - 17th December. (CFC's fish & chip night.)

An inferior example of what is expected, relating to 18th June song list is as follows ...

Of course we noticed you, David.
We also saw William stone Colin.
We witnessed Louise Yannaway cavorting with Les.
The jury's out regarding what Eddie was actually doing with Joan of Arc down by the dockyard wall.

We remain unconvinced that they were bidding farewell to Lynda on her way, over the deep-blue sea, to Philadelphia, while expressing sorrow.

(Submissions from DBS&W and MwP will be immediately disqualified owing to their demonstrable literary incontinence!)

So, watch the blog, or take copious notes when you attend.
It could be YOU!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Being The 18th Day of June 2010.

Did You Notice: David
William Stone: Colin
Louisiana Way: Les
Down By The Dockyard Wall: Eddie
Joan Of Arc: Jane/David
Sailing To Philadelphia: Lynda
There'll Be No Sorrow: Sharon/Angela/Roland
Sailing On The Deep Blue Sea: Sharon/Angela/Roland
Mary Skeffington: Paul
If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day: David
I Was A Young Man I Was A Rover: Colin
Don't Close Your Eyes: Les
The Mermaid: Eddie
I Will Never Marry: Jane
The Boatman & Me: Lynda
A Canadian Paddle Boat Song: Sharon
I'll Fly Away: Angela/Roland
Boulder To Birmingham: Paul
Bottom Of The Bottle: David
Bonny Portmore: Colin
Della and the Dealer: Les
Keep the Peace: Eddie
Hurt: Jane/David
Never Again: Lynda
Dip, Dip & Swing: Sharon
The Sun's Gonna Shine In My Backdoor Someday: Angela/Roland
Folsome Prison Blues: Roland
I Wish I Was 18 Again: Paul
The Drowned Lovers: David
The Musical Lovers: Colin
Suds In The Bucket: Les

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ray's out of hospital!

Ray Hedges rang today to tell us that he's back at home. He feels he'd like some time to settle in and adjust, but I expect he'll appreciate visitors before too long. Best 'phone first.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Being The Eleventh Of June 2010.

Going Home: David
Sweet Gene Vincent: Ken
Football Crazy: Yvonne
Listening to the Radio: Mike
My Flower, My Companion and Me: Eddie
Tickledew: Mick
10,000 Mile: Anne
Donna, Donna, Donna: Jo
She's Like The Swallow: Lynda
The Shaking of the Pocky/Princess Beatrice: Bill 1:1
Meeting of the Waters: Colin
The Good Old Summertime: Mave
Willy o'Winsbury: David
A Rooster Came Into Our Yard: Ken
I Wonder If Anyone Will Marry Me Now?: Mave
Do You Remember: Mike
Somewhere Along The Road: Eddie
Rambling Pitch Fork: Mick/Mike P.
A Bodhran Solo: Mike P.
Silver Dagger: Anne
Polly Garter's Song: Jo
Stewball Was A Racehorse: Lynda
No Sir, No: Bill 1:1
When All Men Sing: Colin
You & Me (alt. version): David
Farewell: Anne

Ray Hedges: operation a success, now back in St. Richard's

Ray is back in St. Dick's after a successful operation at Sotton Gen. I've repeated below the info. posted earlier on how to put in a request for Ray, and Visiting Hours. Ray is banned from accordion-playing for 3 months, and we're counting the days until he's fully-recovered and amongst us on a Friday night once again, squeezing and singing. I want to request "The Market Gardner" for Ray's return night.

You can easily request something to be played for Ray on Chichester Hospital Radio. See or send an email to containing the following details:

Request for: Ray Hedges

In Ward: Charlton

Requested by:

1st choice:

2nd choice:

Preferred date to be played:

Additional information:

Visiting hours for Charlton Ward are 3pm-5pm and 6.30pm-8pm. You can phone to see if he's still in, on 01243 788122 ext. 5101/2 or 01243 831568.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Now Hear This.

For a while now I've been wondering how to share the recorded performances of club members.
I'm not keen on lumbering the planet with anymore C.D.s and the burning/distribution takes up more time than I'm willing or able to contemplate.
So, I've decided to experiment with mp3. format downloads.
The first set can be downloaded here.

The track listing is as follows:

  • The Bold Fisherman: Jane/Dave
  • The Night is Young: Eddie
  • She Moved Through The Fair: Paul/David
  • In No Strange Land: Roger
  • Jack Orion: Bill 1:1/Mick
  • Positivley Forth Street: David
  • Sea Shore: Mick
  • As Time Goes By: Brenda/Berry
  • Butterflies: Mike/Yvonne
  • Diego's Bold Shore: Anne
  • All Thing Are Quite Silent: Cotillion

Being The Forth of June 2010.

Between The Lines: David
For No One: Mick
Roses of No Man's Land: Eddie
Georgia: George
I Want to Marry A Lighthouse Keeper: Yvonne
Sat In A Circle In The Sun: Mike
Sad and Beautiful World: Jane/David
T'was A Lover and His Lass: Tony
Raglan Road: Lynda
3 Tunes: The Stony Ridge Band
No Telephone In Heaven: Angela/Bill 1:1
Police Sargent Blues: Roland
Love Is Pleasing: Jenny
Blow The Man Down: Bill 1:1
Follow The Heron Home: Anne
I Don't Care Where They Bury My Body: Paul
Come Here: David
Julia Clifford's Polka/Din Tarrant: Mick
The Night Is Young: Eddie
How It's Meant To Be: Margaret/Mick/Yvonne
Till There Was You: George/Paul
English Country Garden: Yvonne
Four Strong Winds: Mike
New Partner: Jane/David
Annabel: Lynda
How To Paint A Portrait: Tony
Searching For Lambs: Bill 1:1
The Cockerel: Anne
Bird On The Wire: Paul
Big Finish: The Stony Ridge Band

Being The TwentyNinth of May 2010.

Dem Bones: David
Big Yellow Taxi: Paul
The Logger: Roger
The Battle of the Somme: Anne/Alan
Lavenders Blue: Yvonne
Lucky The Man: Mike
Down In The Willow Garden: Jane
? : Duncan
Lost In The Maze: Mick
Pack Up Your Sorrows: Anne/Alan
Once I had a Sweetheart: Angela
Louis Collins: Roland
Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me: Lucy
Dancing At Whitsun: Colin
You and Me: David
?: Paul/Roger
Sussex Bonny Whisper/?: Anne/Alan
Cry Me A River: Lucy/Roger
Strong: Yvonne
Vincent Volvo and the Scrapyard Angels: Mike
The Long And Winding Road: Lynda
Let My People Go: Duncan
Available Light: Roger
Moth: Anne/Alan
Pat Canny's Reel: Mick
Sayr Fyeld Hinny: Colin
Handbags and Gladrags: Mick/David
To Ramona: Paul
Country Garden: Lucy
Need Your Love So Bad: Roger
Ramble In The New Mown Hay: Alan
Whiskery Bob: Mike/Yvonne
Wild Flying Dove: Lynda
Your Ghost: Jane/David
?: Duncan

Being The Twentyfirst of May 2010.

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles: David
Young At Heart: Berry
That One/The Other One: Richard/Marion/Mick
You Push A Little Button: Yvonne
The ? Shuffle: Mike
Blackwaterside: Lynda
Jesus Saviour: Jane/David
Waltz In Z: Mick
Both Sides Now: Sheena/Paul
? : Jasmin
Mr. Tambourine Man: Mike P.
Wild Wood Flower; Angela/Roland
I'll Lay You Down: Eddie
Though I Live Not Where I Love: Mave
Canadee I O: Ken
Sir John ? Is The Flower of Us All/Katie ?: Bill 1:1
September: Margaret
The Bold Grenadier: Colin
The Road Away: David
Just Out of Reach: Berry
Across The Great Divide: Richard/Mick/Marion
Butterflies: Mike/Yvonne
How's The World Treating You?: Lynda
Your Ghost: Jane/David
Handbags and Gladrags: Mick/David
Love In Vain: Sheena/Paul
The Lincolnshire Poacher: Eddie
Hey Baby: Ken/Berry
Black Is My True Love's Hair: Margaret
?: Colin
Medley In D: Richard/Mick/Marion

Being The Fourteenth of May 2010.

What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?: David
The Seeds of Love: Colin
Peg n'all: Mick/Marion
Black Velvet Band: Angela/Roland
?: Sharon/Angela
All I Want: Eddie
I Send My Love To You: Jane/David
The Wind That Shakes The Barley: Lynda
You're Drifting Away: Les
A Poem: Elizabeth
Can I Have This Dance For The Rest of My Life?: Phine
Mr. Bojangles: Mike P.
Hold The Past With Love: Roger
12 String Tune In Dropped D: Mick
Parody Selection: Ken
Sweet Thames Flow Softly: Mave
The Shepherd of Aberdovy: Bill 1:1
Solitude: Dave
Willie McBride: Jane
What Is This Thing Called Love: Lucy
Everytime We Say Goodbye: Paul/Roger
Daisy Bell: David
The Drovers: Colin
Keep Each Other Warm: Mick/Marion
Will The Circle Be Unbroken: Angela/Roland
Time and Tide: Sharon/Angela
Dancing With You: Eddie
The Ship Song: Jane/David
Most of Us Are Sad: Lynda
Going Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains: Les
The Last Thing On My Mind: Mike P.
?: Mick/Mike P.
Stately As Two Galleons: Mave
Mr. Harding's Garden: Cathy
The Bonny Black Hare: Bill 1:1
The Maid With The Bonny Brown Hair: Jane/Dave
Diddy Wha Diddy: Paul
Love Letters Straight From Your Heart: Lucy/Roger

Being The Seventh of May 2010

What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?: David
Searching For Lambs/The North Hill May Song: Colin
Long Gone: Les
The Wind and Rain: Tony
Kilamona Barndance: Mick
The Muffin Man/? : Lorna
Echo Beach: Angela
Learning The Game: Paul
Wild Thing: Jack
Come Here: David
Spanish Ladies: Colin
Long Black Veil: Les
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You: Tony
? : Mick
Oh! Susanna/Old Joe Clark: Lorna
In Five Years Time: Angela
Your Mother and I: Paul
Late October: David
The Streams of Lovely Nancy: Colin
? : Les
In The Still of the Night: Tony
Mother Nature's Son: Mick
? : Lorna
Babes In The Wood: Angela
What Goes On: Paul
Daisy Bell: David
The Black Bird: Colin
Mr. Man In The Moon: Les
Here Comes The Sun: Mick
Matha and Amos: Angela
If You Loved Me: Paul

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ray Hedges: operation postponed until June 10th

Ray is in Southampton General, for his triple-bypass operation. This has been postponed until Thursday. The City Folk Club wishes Ray well, and hopes for a speedy recovery, and that he'll be back amongst us, singing and playing, very soon.

You can send in a request to Southampton Hospital Broadcasting Association: call 023 8078 5151.