Saturday, October 27, 2012

Being Friday the 26th of October, 2012 ...

There was definitely an autumnal chill in the air, but that didn’t deter eighteen bodies and a stuffed penguin of indeterminate gender from turning out to share music.

Berry was in the chair.
Assisted by Ken, he kicked off with two songs about dancing. The segue to Ken was almost seamless, but there was no physical gyration.
We then spent some time deliberating about the meaning of that term, ‘segue’. We concluded that it is not a dance move.
John, a welcome visitor from Leicestershire, after some difficulty with his SatNav, eventually managed to find us.
He brought along, and played, this very beautiful instrument …

You can see and hear John by clicking this link.

Some musical offerings related to ghosts and voices from the after-life ...
It is nearly that season
of the year, after all.
Here are some other pictorial clues …

I sang of Arthur
... and of Roland!

31st October, 1941, somewhere in
the North Atlantic
Had you one kiss ...

Bonny and black...

Roger has to marry the farmer's daughter to get this.

The most boring railway station in Essex.

A Sunday walk.

Are there really no
telephones in Heaven?
Will any of us ever find out?

Now, let’s talk about those sponsored requests for Children in Need

What generous people you are!

You have already generated £65.00 in cash towards this enterprise, and I have several promissory notes. (Dogsbody knows who you are!) 

Most people have got the idea of how this works.

The deadline for making requests has to be at our meeting on 9th November so that performers will have at least a few days to prepare.

Finally ...
Please remember that we won't be there next Friday, 2nd November.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Today's Mail ...

Look what I received in the post today ...

(We all know it was the 28th September really!)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Being Friday the 19th of October, 2012 ...

Well, blogspot is once again being uncooperative about uploading images.
Have we exceeded our quota?
This is terribly disappointing since I was hoping to share a wonderful facsimile of a monstrous marine being with huge organs.
Now you'll just have to use your imaginations.

Such difficulties render this chronicle even more nonsensical than it has already become since we stopped publishing explicit song lists.

It's working now. Here's Roland's home-brew ...

... and better than one pint, I likes two!

Let's try another image ...

[invalid response]
Oh, well, I'll have another go tomorrow.

His cods is like two hogsheads great,
which seemeth past belief.

Moseley witnesses mining disaster
in West Virginia.

Who's a pretty bird, then?

Once again Greg and Kelly
gave lessons about osculation.

Mick played this restful tune ...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cancellation: 2nd. November ...

Intelligence has just been shared that the Guide Hall will not be available to us on Friday, 2nd November because the hall will be occupied by Guides.

Therefore, our gathering will not be celebrating the traditional Catholic feast of ...

The Day of the Dead.

Perhaps that's
a good thing?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Being Friday the 12th of October, 2012 ...

Once again we shared the warmth of human kindness, friendship and the benefits of central heating.

Mike was in the chair.

I don’t recall that he deployed any particularly big words, and we understood every one of them.
It is a closely guarded secret that Moseley went home with Mave last week.
Here he is looking rather contented, and restored to his proper place guarding the contribution pot ...
Isn't it time those decorations
came down?

Our music included references to 'Baltimore whores in purple draws', the transitory nature of life, a posthumous realisation of marital infidelity, one albatross and, to Dogsbody's great joy, TWO shunting locomotives!


There was no dancing this week, but there was an amusing account of a lady who sailed across the floor, bust to bust, with another woman.

Stately as ...


These belonged
to my Grandad

Another shunter!

Now, about those sponsored requests for our Children in Need night:
Since we have not been publishing explicit song-lists on the blog, I recognise that this may cause some difficulty for those of us suffering short-term memory loss.
There is hard-copy of the archive which is kept in a purplish folder at the club.
Regular attendees are welcome to inspect this confidential file.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Children in Need, 2012 ...

I hesitate to arouse ‘compassion fatigue’ after the club’s recent charitable enterprise on behalf of Parkinson’s UK, to which everyone contributed so generously, but …

Shortly we will have our annual Children in Need event:
Friday, 16th November, 2012.

CFC has always supported this nationwide appeal.
In past years, CiN night has always proved popular at the club.

We plan three strategies for raising money:
  1. The total pot contributions for the evening will be donated to CiN.
  2. There will be a raffle. You are invited to donate prizes.
  3. Sponsored requests.
You all know about sponsored requests, don’t you?
It works like this:
  • You, the requestor, fill in a form that identifies a song/piece of music that you want to hear by a particular performer.
  • Place that form in a box that will be provided at the club, along with £1.00 for each request you make. (Yes, it’s money-up-front with no guarantees!)
  • Tell your requested performer that you have made such a request.
Forms will be available at the club every Friday until 9th November. Dogsbody will collate these requests and e-circulate performers in advance.
Then, on the night, we get through as many requests in the sing-around as we possibly can.
This usually runs on and on for several weeks thereafter, so requestors get to hear what they want to hear, and performers derive a warm sense of encouragement.
Dogsbody has all this in hand as ‘work-in-progress’, so watch this space.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

More of BeHeld ...

Video recordings of BeHeld's engaging performance at the club on 28th September are now available in the public domain.
Click these links:

Now you can enjoy them all over again ...
or regret the fact that you weren't there to behold them live!

All songs ©BeHeld 2012

Being Friday the 5th of October, 2012 ...

Summer is obviously over.
We’ve all returned from our travels, and it was encouraging to have an attendance of 25 living bodies ...
and a stuffed penguin.

We reverted, much to the relief of several participants, to the hallowed squarish-table arrangement.

The central heating behaved without its usually discordant intrusion, even though one radiator seemed to rattle in 5/4 time. 

Berry, (thankfully recovered from his disappointment at not being MC last week!) directed proceedings with equanimity.
We briefly only talked about the 50th anniversary of the first commercial recording of a well-known Liverpudlian band.
Paul, sadly, has a poorly arm, so, unable to play guitar, he struggled with the club's magnificent music stand ...

How do you tune
this bl**dy thing?
Here are this week’s pictorial clues …

luscinia megarhyncos

Who turned those lights on?!

Bear me away ...

We lay down and wept ...

Somewhere off the A303
Mave's garden invaders

On the road again

...with a basket on her head ...

The infectious fervour of the evening even led to some energetic dancing …

Do NOT tell the licensing authorities!