Saturday, October 13, 2012

Being Friday the 12th of October, 2012 ...

Once again we shared the warmth of human kindness, friendship and the benefits of central heating.

Mike was in the chair.

I don’t recall that he deployed any particularly big words, and we understood every one of them.
It is a closely guarded secret that Moseley went home with Mave last week.
Here he is looking rather contented, and restored to his proper place guarding the contribution pot ...
Isn't it time those decorations
came down?

Our music included references to 'Baltimore whores in purple draws', the transitory nature of life, a posthumous realisation of marital infidelity, one albatross and, to Dogsbody's great joy, TWO shunting locomotives!


There was no dancing this week, but there was an amusing account of a lady who sailed across the floor, bust to bust, with another woman.

Stately as ...


These belonged
to my Grandad

Another shunter!

Now, about those sponsored requests for our Children in Need night:
Since we have not been publishing explicit song-lists on the blog, I recognise that this may cause some difficulty for those of us suffering short-term memory loss.
There is hard-copy of the archive which is kept in a purplish folder at the club.
Regular attendees are welcome to inspect this confidential file.

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