Saturday, December 27, 2014

Being Friday the 19th of December, 2014 ...

Only two days to go before the solstice ...

We had a party.

Several people took heed of the dress-code ...

Sylvia showed off her Appalachian dulcimer ...

"Please can we play something
in the key of D?" asked Sylvia.

  • We made music, we sang and laughed.
  • There was yodelling and whistling.
  • We ate and drank in moderation.
  • We said nice things to each other.
  • We bought raffle tickets and won prizes ...

Dogsbody continues to struggle with this
obscure instrument that he won.

Mick retrieved the prize that he has been trying to get rid of for years!

One person danced ...

Oh, no ... that was the week before.

Seriously now ...
Thank you to everyone who came along and contributed to a most enjoyable evening.
Thank you for so generously sharing food, buying raffle tickets, and donating desirable prizes.

Thank you, indeed, to all who have supported our gathering throughout another successful year.

Important information ...
At the time of publishing you will already have discovered that we did not meet on Friday, 26th December - Boxing Day.
However, there is a consensus that has agreed to meet on Friday 2nd January, 2015.
We will also meet on the following Friday, 9th January. but not on Friday 16th January because the Guides need the hall.
After that, keep an eye on the informative blog.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Being Friday the 12th of December, 2014 ...

Actually, that was six days ago.
Dogsbody has some difficulty in remembering ... anything at all!

Here are some random images ...

Actually, 'override' didn't work.
We kept asking for 'extra hours'.

If you bring your toiletries, you may soon be able to shower on a Friday evening ...

Yvonne had hoped to marry a lighthouse keeper.
Mike, however, had lied about his occupation ...

Mave took compassion on those who had lost their livelihoods due to inclement weather ...

Poor frozen-out gardeners

Elayne demonstrated her huge repertoire again ...

We said some slightly nice things about Berry, (who wasn't there,) and particularly nice things about Brenda, (who also wasn't there.)

Then we packed up and went home.

Next week?
(At this time of writing, that's tomorrow, 19th December.)
Yes ... Grand Festive Celebration.
In case you missed earlier publicity, click here

Will we meet on Boxing Day?

What about Friday 2nd January?
There was a show of hands that indicated 'YES'.
So shall it be.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An Advent Lesson ...

There are those who understandably advise that Dogsbody should not be encouraged.
Nevertheless, one correspondent has imprudently so-encouraged him to 'share humour and Christmas joy to a wider audience'.

(Blame Nigel!)

Here are some verses that may be found in the Second Book of Mother-in-Law, chapter the second ...

v.1 The Lord God Almighty did look upon Dogsbody with great favour, and He did command a wing-ed servant to bless him with a message.

v.2 And it did come to pass that, as if in a dream, Dogsbody did perceive a vision.
He was greatly afraid.
"Fear not!" sayeth the wing-ed messenger, "I bring blessings and glad tidings from the Lord."
Dogsbody did prostrate himself in repentant tears.

v.3 "The Lord hath spoken thus:" declareth the apparition.
"Well done thou good and faithful servant.
"Thou hast completed all the travails I have sent thee.
"I now require of thee a further task."

v.4 Dogsbody did tremble greatly.
"What's that?" he enquireth.

"The Lord commands thee to accommodate and provide hospitality for thirteen of thy wife's relations, spouses, common-law partners, offspring and stock, (to include two small people unrelated by blood and one mad dog,) for a celebration of the glorious salvation of humankind," replieth the divine emissary.

v.5 Then did Dogsbody, in great sadness and despond, creep away into the cupboard under the stairs wherein his wife did store fermented fruits of the vine ...

Thence was heard much weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, hair-tearing and rending of clothes.

v 6. Mrs Dogsbody was greatly disturbed.
"What are you doing in there?" she enquireth.

v 7. Dogsbody did take the name of the Lord in vain.
"B***er off!" expleteth he ...
"I'm turning wine into water!"

Herewith I hope I have inoffensively shared 'humour and Christmas joy'.
Kindly understand that I will not indulge my friends with Christmas cards this year.
Alzheimers is my charity of choice.

Being TWO Fridays: 28th November and 5th December, 2014 ...

The blog-administrator apologises for this tardy post.
He has been much distracted of late, and readily confused.

We recently welcomed some new participants to our gathering ...

Here's Paul of Bognor Regis ...

Amy Goddard came along with her husband, Matt.
The club has purchased a copy of Amy's CD, Burn and Glow.
That will become a desirable prize for the Christmas raffle ...

Yes, it is still in its original cellophane wrapping.
Dogsbody bought his own back in August.

Believe me, this is a particularly good album.
Be not disappointed if you don't win it; you can buy your own from Amy's website.

Last Friday, (5th December,) we were delighted to discover that the Guide Hall refurbishment is pretty well complete with three loos and an additional rehearsal room.
What more could one desire?

Philosopher's Balcony is no more ...

Now we have use of a magnificent Stargazers Platform ...

Oh, yes, that's why we're here, but there was too much to document completely - a total of 56 performances of considerable quality.

Mike demonstrated his decorative guitar strings ...

There were several references to death, love lost and found, celestial bodies, atmospheric disturbance and precipitation.
Tony's bestiary featured marine organisms ...

Some minutes were occupied
in consideration of this question:
"Do lobsters actually swim?"

There were trains, ships, sheep-slaughter ... my brave boys ... a smattering of holiness and only one account of a socially-acquired disease.
Such is the nature of folk music!

There was singing, dancing, (well, Angela did!) whistling, yodelling, benign interpersonal abuse - and much fun.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas is coming ...

Yes, there will be a party ...
Friday 19th December, 8.00-11.30pm.

Have you all done your homework regarding dress-code?
For a reminder click here.

Free entry, but you will be coerced into purchasing raffle tickets.
We already have three desirable prizes.
Here's one ...

Further contributions will be gratefully received.
Proceeds from the raffle will be donated to Friends of Guiding.

Please bring a plate of food to share.
(Angela's bringing pavlova!)
... also, any beverage of your choice.

Naturally, please bring yourselves and your festive music.

Doors will open at 7.30pm.
Please come early so we can begin celebrating promptly at 8.00pm.

We have arranged an extension of the hall hire until midnight.
Music will cease at 11.30, giving us thirty minutes to clear up before departing in absolute silence.