Monday, June 29, 2009

Being the Twentysixth of June 2009...

The Wife of Usher's Well: David
Mole in a Hole: Paul
Moonlight Serenade: Brenda/Berry
People Will Say We're In Love: Berry
Emma's Waltz: Ian
Tender Comrade: John
Zeppelin: Mick
In The Darkness of the Night: Mike P.
I'm Looking Through You: Les
Banks of the Ohio: Ray
Anderson's Coast: Mave
When We Were Good: Ken/Berry
Escuba (?) River: Bill 1:1
The Female Cabin Boy: Colin
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: David
Raining In My Heart: Paul
Anytime: Brenda/Berry
What About Me?: Berry
Don't Explain: Lucy
Da Slockit Light: Ian
Tolpuddle Man: John
Tuning Bee: Mick
Circle Game: Mike P.
Where Am I Going To Live When I Get Home?: Les
The Rose of Annandale: Ray
Wave Over Wave: Mave
Harbour Lights: Ken/Berry
Young Billy Brown: Bill 1:1
Old Peculiar: Colin
Devoted to You: Lucy
Lord ?: Ian
Rolling Home: Ray

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blatant Sexism...

"In sailor's apparel I'll dress and go with you..."
Sorry love, the canal trip's sold out now...

Being the Nineteenth of June 2009...

I find the contemplation of chickens and their antics a tonic when I'm feeling low...
Either that or a visit to the City Folk Club...

Good Ale: Colin
What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?: David
Living Doll: Berry/Ben
Saucy Sailor: Jane
Till the Stars Fall From the Sky: Yvonne/Mike
Bosom Bells: Ken
Sussex Shepherdess: Mave
Handy Man: Gerry
Brass in Pocket: Antony
D Day Dodgers: Bill 1:2
?: Ray
Shepherd's Crook and Black Dog: Anne
The Two Crows: Bill 1:1
Lady of Beauty: Eddie
Sealed With a Kiss: Lynda/Paul
Pilot of the Airwaves: Paul
Coalhole Cavalry: Lily/Dan
Cocaine Habit Blues: David
Sir Richard's Song: Colin
Sea of Heartbreak: Berry/Ben
Backstreet Girl: Jane
Bepton Farm: Yvonne/Mike
My Dream: Ken
The Cool of the Day: Mave
Bye Bye Love: Gerry
Wonder Boy: Antony
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: Bill 1:2
Sussex By the Sea: Ray
Ship In Distress: Anne
Claudy Banks: Bill 1:1/Colin
The Night is Young: Eddie
?: Lily/Dan

Oh, I do wish my new bicycle would turn up... :-(

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Album Cover of the Week...

Obviously we don't book acts to perform but if we did....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Being the Twelfth of June 2009...

"A lifetime of happiness! No man alive could bear it; it would be hell on earth." (G.B. Shaw.)

Every Grain of Sand: David
Keep You In Peace: Eddie
All of Me: Brenda/Berry
Whispering: Berry
John Riley: Jane
I Should Have Known Better: Les
Wonderful World: George
Everytime We Say Goodbye: Maggie
El Panio: Josie/Heather
I Recall a Gypsy Woman: Gerry/Heather/Josie
Hardtimes Come Again No More: Ray
In The Early Morning Rain: Lynda/Paul
Bird on the Wire: Paul
I Live Not Where I Love: Anne
The Musical Lovers: Colin
In The Wee Small Hours: Lucy
The Drowned Lovers: David
Somewhere Along The Road: Eddie
It Had to be You: Brenda/Berry
Louise: Berry
Verdi Crys: Jane
Eight Days a Week: Les
Cry Me a River: Lucy/George
When I Was a Young Girl: Maggie
Delta Dawn: Lucy/Paul
Colours: Josie/Heather/Gerry
My Old Man Said Follow the Van: Ray
High Germany: Lynda
Dr. Jazz: Paul
All Things Are Quite Silent: Anne
Hessle Road: Colin
Kiss The World Goodbye: Berry
The Blacksmith: Jane
Dream Lover: Paul
Home Lads Home: Ray...


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who's This Then? ...

16th. June being designated 'Sussex Day', Ken has invited us to perform items associated with Sussex when we meet next Friday.

I know we've been here before, but this is something I offer as a tribute to the late Bob Copper of Rottindean ...

Good Ale.

It is of good ale to you I’ll sing,
And to good ale I’ll always cling.
I like my mug filled to the brim,
And I’ll drink all you care to bring.

O, good ale, that art my darling.
Thou art my joy both night and morning.

It is you that helps me with my work,
And from a task I’ll never shirk.
While I can get a good home-brew,
And better than one pint I like two.

O, good ale ...

I love you in the early morn,
I love you in daylight, dark or dawn.
And when I’m weary, worn or spent,
I turn the tap and ease the vent.

O, good ale ...

It’s you that makes my friends my foes,
It’s you that makes me wear old clothes,
But, since you come so near my nose,
It’s up you come and down you goes.

O, good ale ...

If all my friends from Adam’s race
Were to meet me here all in this place,
I could part from all without one tear
Before I’d part from my good beer.

O, good ale ...

And if my wife should me despise,
How soon I’d give her two black eyes,
But if she loved me like I love thee
What a happy couple we should be.

O, good ale ...

You have caused me debts and I’ve often swore
That I never would drink strong ale no more.
But you for all that I forgive,
And I’ll drink strong ale as long as I live.

O, good ale ...

For an audio presentation follow

Remember, Bob, in folk heaven, will be listening to you joining in the chorus!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Being the Fifth of June 2009...

Cold Sink
So, here we are in our new home...
We may have to re-think the lighting arrangements...

Come All Ye: David
The Mermaid: Eddie
Hey Sandy: Mike P.
Blue Days: Les
Do You Remember?: Mike
Ohio River Boat Song: Jane
Fools Rush In: George
Waltzing Matilda: Bill 1:2
Spellbound: Mick
One Fine Day: Lynda/Paul
To Ramona: Paul
You Are The New Day: Colin
It's Good To See You: Ray
Sundown: Gerry
The Galaxy Song: Ken
Grey's The New Blonde: John
A Woman Is A Sometime Thing: Maggie
At The Bottom Of This Bottle: David
Next Time Around: Eddie
Broom Of The Cowdenknowes: John
Carolina On My Mind: Mike P.
The Jug O'Punch: Les
I Only Want To Be With You: Yvonne
Please Don't Call Me Louise: Mike
Bird In The Bush: Jane
If You Were The Only Girl In The World: George/Paul
Runaway: Bill 1:2
The Rose: Lynda
The Battle Of New Orleans: Paul
I Live Not Where I Love: Colin
Fiddler's Green: Ray
Heart Of Gold: Gerry
Tall Ships: Mave
Fanlight Fanny: Ken
It Ain't Necessarily: Maggie
Rolling Home: Ray

Down Shep...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Participant Writes....

Mug of Tea.jpg
Dear Sir,
Will we be able to use the kitchen facilities at the Girl Guides hut? I was thinking that perhaps I could cook my dinner there. Or maybe I could start a hot sausage roll franchise. Hot soup might be available for those without teeth. Then Horlicks for those without sleep. What about coffee? Or tea even?

Mr. Beresford Fumming

Well Mr Fumming,
Let me say that I can think of no reasonable objection to tea and coffee making providing no evidence is left of the operation...
However, the rest of your enquiry must be met with a resounding NO!
For some of our members seeing a 'kitchen' for the first time may lead to culture shock and so it is probably best to only utilize the simpler functions of this facility thereby avoiding much confusion and pointing...