Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Being the Nineteenth of June 2009...

I find the contemplation of chickens and their antics a tonic when I'm feeling low...
Either that or a visit to the City Folk Club...

Good Ale: Colin
What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?: David
Living Doll: Berry/Ben
Saucy Sailor: Jane
Till the Stars Fall From the Sky: Yvonne/Mike
Bosom Bells: Ken
Sussex Shepherdess: Mave
Handy Man: Gerry
Brass in Pocket: Antony
D Day Dodgers: Bill 1:2
?: Ray
Shepherd's Crook and Black Dog: Anne
The Two Crows: Bill 1:1
Lady of Beauty: Eddie
Sealed With a Kiss: Lynda/Paul
Pilot of the Airwaves: Paul
Coalhole Cavalry: Lily/Dan
Cocaine Habit Blues: David
Sir Richard's Song: Colin
Sea of Heartbreak: Berry/Ben
Backstreet Girl: Jane
Bepton Farm: Yvonne/Mike
My Dream: Ken
The Cool of the Day: Mave
Bye Bye Love: Gerry
Wonder Boy: Antony
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: Bill 1:2
Sussex By the Sea: Ray
Ship In Distress: Anne
Claudy Banks: Bill 1:1/Colin
The Night is Young: Eddie
?: Lily/Dan

Oh, I do wish my new bicycle would turn up... :-(


St. Anley said...

Really, OSM, was that 'Bosom' a simple mistake, or are you intentionally trying to bait Ken?

London Apprentice said...

A bike that "turns up" is just not right for our club - is it Ken?