Thursday, September 23, 2010

Memoirs of another collector of folk songs ...

Many years ago, 1969 I think, a young gentleman stumbled into Cecil Sharp House, home of EFDSS.

In the shop he selected a disk of the vinyl variety recorded by The Watersons and, as you could in those days, he asked for a demonstration.

The kind retail assistant complied.
She wound up a machine and carefully applied diamond stylus to rotating device.
The adenoidal output was excruciating.
It posed a health-threat to the tympanic membranes.

Discerning shopper screwed up his face, holding hands to his ears.
Assistant, before vacating the room, smiled and said, “Yes, it’s an acquired taste, isn’t it?”

Forty years on, the taste is acquired, and that buxom employee of EFDSS remains a fond and distant memory.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Being The 17th September 2010

When I'm Cleaning Windows: David
The Blackbird: Colin
Hang On The Bell Nelly: Sylvia
Near To You: John
Take Your Time: Geoff
Sloop John B.: The Crazy Gang
September Song: George/Paul
I Give You The Morning: Jasmin
Waltz In E: Mick
Wall Of Death: Mike P.
What Shall I Write?: Phine
Shake That Thing: Roland
The Snows They Melt The Soonest: Lynda
Blues In E: Jane
Carters Blues:Angela
To Soon To Know: Paul
Heart: David
The Female Cabin Boy: Colin
My God You Do Look Queer: Sylvia
Violence: John
The Lesson: Geoff
I Fell Out Of An Olive Tree: Josie
Your Cold Cold Heart: George/Jasmin
Itzikel: Mick/Mick P.
Waterlily: Mike P.
Autumn Leaves: Phine
Ten Years Ago: George
Diamonds And Rust: Jasmin
How's The World Treating You?: Lynda
Wrecking Ball: Jane/David
German Clock Winder: Angela
Good Ale: Roland
To Ramona: Paul

Being The 10th September 2010

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds: David
Mr Rock n' Roll: Paul
Time In A Bottle: Jane/David
Tickle Dew: Mick
Woodstock: Sheena
Where Do You Go To My Lovely?: Mike
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: George
Weave And Worry: Jane/Colin
?: Mick/Marion
The Ruins By The Shore: Ken
A Song of Innocence And Experience: Tony
Peg n'All: Angela/Roland
I Know my Love: Lynda
Primrose Polka/Jenny's ?: Bill 1:1
Tom Bowling: Colin
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles: David
North Country Fair: Paul
Cloud Factory: Jane/David
Killamona Barndance: Mick/Mike
Make It With You: Sheena
Wild Flying Dove: Mike
When You're Down: Jane/Colin
Fishing Song: Mick/Marion
Young At Heart: Berry
Now I Has To Call Him Father: Mave
Sloop John B.: Ken/Berry
Rosemary's Song: Lynda
Old Billy Reilly: Bill 1:1
John Ball: Colin
High Part Of The Town: Colin/Jane

Being The 3rd September 2010

In The Smoke: David
All Among The Barley: Colin
Just In Case: Sylvia
Drag Queen Blues: John
What About Me?: Berry
Further Along: Roger
The Grey Cockerel: Anne
Whip Jamboree: Mike
I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside: Mave
Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Lonesome Traveller: Ken/Berry
What Y'like Rag: Mick
Log Cabin/Down South: Lorna
Outward Bound: Lynda
She Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair: Jane/David
Beware O, Take Care: Angela
Louis Collins: Roland
Early One Evening: Robin
Steal Away: Jane
Wonderful Life: Paul
A Fine Romance: Brenda/Berry
The Ballad Of The Lost Prophet: David
The Bold Poachers: Colin
Abroad As I Was Walking: Anne
Hand On The Bird: Biz
Sea Fret: Sylvia
Never Be Tempted By Water: John
I'll See You In My Dreams: Berry
Things About Going My Way: Roger
What Are You Waiting For: Mike
A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good: Mave
Pad Canny's Reel: Mick/Mike
The Old Rustic Bridge: Lorna
What Ever Happened To Saturday Night?: Lynda
Famous Blue Raincoat: Jane/David
The Vicar And The Frog: Robin
The Waters Of Tyne: Jane
Battle Of New Orleans: Paul
You Do Something To Me: Brenda/Berry

Being The 27th of August 2010

Come Here: David
Lark In The Clear Air: Colin
Christ In My Life: Dougie
The Yorkshire Couple: Sylvia/John
Grey Funnel Line: Malcolm
Early One Morning: Lorna
All Things Are Quite Silent: Laura
The Brisk Lad: Lynda
Rosianna: Jane/David
All Over The World: Phine
Come By The Hills: Mave
Humpback Whale: Ken
Love Thy Neighbour: Adrian
The White Funnel Line: Wendy
My Tiny Husband: Angela
Staggerlee: Roland
Bluebell Polka: Bill 1:1
In The Mood: Mick
I'll Never Find Another You: Berry
This Small Stone: David
Here's A Health To The Company: Colin
Weather: Sylvia
My First Ship Wreck At Sea: John
?: Malcolm/Sylvia
Messing About On The River: Laura/Lorna
Amarose: Lynda
Joleen: Jane/David
For The Goodtimes: Phine
Stately As Two Galleons: Mave
Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Lonesome Traveller: Ken/Berry
Hornbeam: Adrian
Billy O'Rorke: Wendy
When The Saints Go Marching In: Angela/Roland
Peggy And The Soldier: Bill 1:1
Two Slip Jigs: Mick
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie: Berry

Being The 20th of August 2010

When I'm Cleaning Windows: David
Long Lankin: Colin
Early Morning Rain: Lynda/Paul
Moth: Laura/Lorna
Home Lads, Home: Ray
Mustn't Grumble: Berry
Oats and Beans: Stoney Ridge Band
Spellbound: Mick
Sally Free And Easy: Frank
Just As The Tide Was Flowing: Sue
I Want To Be A Mole In A Hole: Paul
King Of The Fairies: Stoney Ridge Band
People Get Ready: David
Row On: Colin
Annabel: Lynda
Jimmy Allan: Lorna
Black Jack Davey: Laura
My Old Man Said Follow The Van: Ray
She's Not You: Berry
Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness: Stoney Ridge Band
Rambling Pitch-Fork: Mick
Morton Bay: Sue
His Eye Is On The Sparrow: Paul
All My Lovin': Berry
Gentleman Soldier: Laura
?: Stoney River Band
The Parting Glass: Frank/Full Cast

Being The 13th of August 2010

Oh, Balloon: David
Willy Taylor: Colin
Traveling Day: Marion/Mick
You Do Something To Me: Brenda/Berry
Rodney You Dipstick: Chris
Sweet Thames Flow Softly: Mave
People Will Say We're In Love: Berry
I'll Never Find Another You: Phine
Whabisum: Roland
Gypsy Girl: Angela
Monday Morning: Jane
I'll Follow The Sun: Paul
Callin': Marion/Mick
Daisy Bell: David
Weary Cutters: Colin
Going On: Mick/Marion
Tsana, Tasna, Tsana: Berry/Starship Enterprise
Ruins By The Shore: Ken
50 Long Years On The Line: Mave
Anytime: Brenda/Berry
When Will The Good Apples Fall?: Phine
Worried Man Blues: Roland
Tear In My Eye: Angela/Roland
?: Jane/David
Nowhere Man: Paul
You Are My Sunshine: Mick/Marion