Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Being The 27th of August 2010

Come Here: David
Lark In The Clear Air: Colin
Christ In My Life: Dougie
The Yorkshire Couple: Sylvia/John
Grey Funnel Line: Malcolm
Early One Morning: Lorna
All Things Are Quite Silent: Laura
The Brisk Lad: Lynda
Rosianna: Jane/David
All Over The World: Phine
Come By The Hills: Mave
Humpback Whale: Ken
Love Thy Neighbour: Adrian
The White Funnel Line: Wendy
My Tiny Husband: Angela
Staggerlee: Roland
Bluebell Polka: Bill 1:1
In The Mood: Mick
I'll Never Find Another You: Berry
This Small Stone: David
Here's A Health To The Company: Colin
Weather: Sylvia
My First Ship Wreck At Sea: John
?: Malcolm/Sylvia
Messing About On The River: Laura/Lorna
Amarose: Lynda
Joleen: Jane/David
For The Goodtimes: Phine
Stately As Two Galleons: Mave
Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Lonesome Traveller: Ken/Berry
Hornbeam: Adrian
Billy O'Rorke: Wendy
When The Saints Go Marching In: Angela/Roland
Peggy And The Soldier: Bill 1:1
Two Slip Jigs: Mick
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie: Berry

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