Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Being The 3rd September 2010

In The Smoke: David
All Among The Barley: Colin
Just In Case: Sylvia
Drag Queen Blues: John
What About Me?: Berry
Further Along: Roger
The Grey Cockerel: Anne
Whip Jamboree: Mike
I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside: Mave
Pick A Bale Of Cotton/Lonesome Traveller: Ken/Berry
What Y'like Rag: Mick
Log Cabin/Down South: Lorna
Outward Bound: Lynda
She Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair: Jane/David
Beware O, Take Care: Angela
Louis Collins: Roland
Early One Evening: Robin
Steal Away: Jane
Wonderful Life: Paul
A Fine Romance: Brenda/Berry
The Ballad Of The Lost Prophet: David
The Bold Poachers: Colin
Abroad As I Was Walking: Anne
Hand On The Bird: Biz
Sea Fret: Sylvia
Never Be Tempted By Water: John
I'll See You In My Dreams: Berry
Things About Going My Way: Roger
What Are You Waiting For: Mike
A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good: Mave
Pad Canny's Reel: Mick/Mike
The Old Rustic Bridge: Lorna
What Ever Happened To Saturday Night?: Lynda
Famous Blue Raincoat: Jane/David
The Vicar And The Frog: Robin
The Waters Of Tyne: Jane
Battle Of New Orleans: Paul
You Do Something To Me: Brenda/Berry

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