Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ahoy, Sailors ...

Being the year of our Lord 2011, 25th day of June.

Vessel: MV Richmond
Condition: Seaworthy and sound, with valid certificate issued by HM Admiralty
Position: 50° 49' N / 0° 46' W
Weather: fine
Wind: very light south-westerly breeze - falling
Sea state: mill-pond
Visibility: good

In command: Cap’n John
Helms-person: Alex
Bosun: Nigel
Cabin-person: Penny

34 disreputable transportees, all of whom have been convicted of being associated with a subversive organisation known as The City Folk Club.
It was declared that all such reprobates should receive this mark: 

There should have been 35 convicts, but one absconded apologetically prior to departure.
The notorious ring-leader of this group, (widely identified by magistrates as Dogsbody-the-Dubious,) pleaded with the Captain to pardon Jane. In consideration of a gift of ship’s biscuits, such forgiveness was duly granted.

Details of voyage:

After departing from the wharf, the transportees decided that entertaining themselves with music and song might assuage their fears of a dangerous voyage to uncharted regions.

Indeed, their music was so enjoyable that it is worth documenting in this journal:

Claudy Banks/Speed the Plough: Bill & Colin
Spanish Ladies: Colin & Bill
Sunshine on my Shoulder: Les
Sailing to Philadelphia: Lynda
Haul Away for Rosie-O: Paul
Merrimack County: Lucy & Paul
A Klezmer Tune: Mick (Click khosidl to play)
Combing the Spanish Maine(?): Ken
Sydney Bernard: Jane W.
Warlike Seamen: Roland (Click warlike seamen to hear this manly song.)
Singing Holy unto the Lord: Angela & Roland
When the Ship Comes in: Mike
Among the Leaves so Green: Tony
Valparaiso: Laura & Colin
Barges: Dave
Safe in the Harbour: Jane & Dave
Corina: Anthony
Cutthroats, Crooks and Conmen: Anthony & Carrie

After a few alarming scrapes with the canal bank and a prolonged three-point turn, it was decided to moor temporarily at Hunston.
The convicts were allowed to disembark for exercise.
Here's a rather good photograph that Laura took:

Here's another taken from the bridge by Jane T. Witness the misty twilight:

Some had ephemeral intelligence that there was a nearby hostelry. It is reported that they were well received therein, but they mislaid their intelligence during an excursion that incurred only a slight delay in the continuing voyage.

Getting under way again, the aforementioned dogsbody announced the answers to an intellectual exercise that he had earlier distributed on paper. He called that ‘a quiz’.
Jane and Robin scored highest and were warmly congratulated for winning this highly desirable prize:

There was more joyous music as the vessel returned to the Canal Wharf:

Lady of Beauty: Eddie
Wild Mountain Thyme: Margaret
Manchester Rambler: Mave
Some Rival: Jenny & Bill
The Shipping Forecast: Robin
All I Want is You: Beatrice and Angela
Farewell Shanty: Paul & full cast

Here’s Margaret singing ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’:

During the voyage only four bodies were temporarily lost, intelligence diminished, there were no severed limbs, and such maidenheads as were present remained unmolested.
The transportees were declared to be exempt from further prosecution, and they were permitted to return to their homes.


Thank you to Cap’n John and his crew.
They have always proved so very friendly and helpful.

Thank you too to the Canal Society, and the booking manager, (Val and Denis,) who permitted us to come back.

Importantly, thank you to all who came along to support this club activity.
You all gave of your very best to our mutual entertainment.
A grand time was enjoyed by all.

It is a privilege to be one of you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Being The 24th of June, 2011 ...

Mr Beresford Greene bravely stepped up as MC.
He did not look thus:

He has been observed to be so-attired in the past, and that noble countenance, (suggestive of wisdom and intelligence,) is unmistakable.

Berry began by delivering an impassioned speech of appreciation and gratitude to David, our sabbatical host. This was warmly greeted with widespread agreement and rapturous applause.

Then we got on with the business of the evening ...

Hey Baby: Berry & Ken
Tom Bowling: Colin
The Rose: Lynda
Picture on the Wall: Angela
Down in Cupid's Garden: Roland
Polly Oliver: Margaret
How Can I Tell You?: Jane & Roger
Windy Old Weather: Mave
Heart Like Wheel: Ken
Fathom the Bowl: Nigel
How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times: Roger
My Dearest Dear: Jenny
Hares on the Mountain (Knife at the Window): Bill
Sisters of Mercy: Paul
Lonesome Town: Berry & Ken
When All Men Sing: Colin
Sally Free and Easy: Lynda
Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone: Angela
Lord Franklin: Roland
Go Away From my Window (It Ain't Me, Babe): Margaret
Barbr'y Allen: Jane
No Regrets: Roger
Chickens in the Garden: Mave
When the Ship Comes in: Ken
The Census (William Gill): Nigel
My Cape Breton Home/The Black Joke: Bill
Holmfirth Anthem: Jenny & Bill
Your Cheating Heart: Paul, Berry & full cast

Sympathetic reference was made regarding the recent passing of Mike Waterson, (RIP,) who will be sadly missed on the folk scene.

I counted at least three musical tributes to Mike during the evening.
Mave's rendition of  'Chickens in the Garden' was delightful.
For future reference the choral progression of the legacy is as follows:
  • Cosy little farm
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • Goat
  • Stock
  • Fields
  • Barn
  • Chickens
We'll all remember that next time, won't we?
(... and Angela volunteered to do sign-language!)

Many thanks, Berry:

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to such an enjoyable evening, and it only cost you £2.00!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quiz Clues: Final Answer?

Just when I thought I'd finished compiling the quiz, and verifying the answers, it came into my mind that a tie-breaker might be necessary.
Here's the pictorial clue:

Just in case that's too easy, here's another:

Note for PSM: Right-clicking the image and looking at filename in properties will be of little help in discerning the answers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Forward Planning ...

Now let's move on ...

CFC will continue to meet regularly on Fridays, with all dates confirmed throughout July and August.
BUT ... on Friday 8thJuly we must vacate the Guide Hall by 10.30pm because the Guides will be kipping down there.
So, early finish means a prompt start at 8.00pm … please? (Doors will open 7.30pm.)

I do not need to bore the reader with more about the boat trip except to say, "Still one space left!"

Next: there will be Folk on the Meadow, on Sunday 10th July, 1.30pm onwards.
This is not an official club event, but I have been invited to bring along some musical friends to what will be locally promoted as a 'family picnic' on The Old Bridge Meadow in Bosham. You can find out about the meadow here: friends of the OBM.
Here's a map:

It will cost you nothing, and you are advised to bring something to eat and drink, and something to sit on. Voices and instruments will be welcomed. If it turns out that we’ll need umbrellas, then the picnic will be cancelled at short notice. (Phone me in the morning - 01243 574021.)
There is just one problem: there are no public facilities nearby …  so go before you come!
Last year a few of us enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at a similar event.
Our organically-generated music was so well received by the local populus that they invited us back again!
Here's Bill last year:

Finally: your attendance during August will be FREE, as last year.
This is because your regular attendance and generous weekly subscriptions have generated a marginal surplus in CFC's funds.

After all, it was never our intention to make a profit!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Being The 17th June, 2011 ...

Angela occupied the MC's chair once more.
It is reliably reported that she did so with great aplomb and sensitivity.

Here, in no semblance of order, is what was performed:

Crying Holy unto the Lord: Angela & Roland  
Just as the tide was a-flowing: Roland
Chickens in the garden: Mave
Sailing to Philadelphia: Lynda
Peggy Gordon: Nigel
Roll on: John
I'm going to marry a far nicer boy: Sylvia
Hey, it's good to be back home again: Mike
A Sailor's Life: Roger
To Ramona: Paul
Hard Love: John
Green fields: Margaret
Look at us: Pam
Bosham Bells: Ken
My Mountain Home: Angela & Roland
Flying Cloud: Roland
Stately as a Galleon: Mave
Country Roads: Lynda & Paul
The Parting Glass: Nigel
An account of a sea journey: John
Oh I do hate to sail upon the ocean: Sylvia
Playing with my bohdran: Mike
Things about going my way: Roger
Hello Mary Lou: Paul
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: John M.
Annie's Song: Margaret
Rover: Les
Music & movement: Ken

I have to thank Lynda for collating the above information, collecting money, ensuring that the hall was left as it was found, and for being ...

So, who's in the chair next time?
Come along and find out.

Friday, June 17, 2011

So, where's our 'genial host'?

David has decided to take an indefinite and richly-deserved sabbatical from the club.

Ken writes as follows:

On behalf of the club, I wish him well in whatever interests he will pursue, and thank him for his contributions to the club over the last six years or so, and particularly for his MC duties over the last four.
In this role, he has placed a unique stamp on the club, and was largely responsible for the significant increase in numbers, attracted in part by the warmth of his welcome.
He will be much missed, and we await his return, in whatever capacity, as soon as he himself wants to delight us again with his personality and music. Lynda has agreed to organise a rota of people to MC. It is clear that such an irreplaceable MC cannot be replaced by just one person.

I have no doubt that Ken's sentiments are widely shared.
For me it has been a great privilege to work alongside David who has been an invaluable source of encouragement, and a great figurehead for our gathering.

Now, let's get on!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Canal Trip: joining instructions.

You all know that the M.V. Richmond will depart from the Canal Basin promptly at 19.00 hours on Saturday 25th June. In previous years we have been permitted to board from 18.40 hours, so come early.
I shall be happy to collect £5.00 from anyone who has not yet paid as you board.
(By the way, there is room for one more. If you'd like to occupy the spare berth, please let me know - 01243 574021.)

Getting there:
There is limited space for clients to park alongside the canal basin, near the Canal Shop. Take the gravel track off Canal Wharf adjacent to the recently-refurbished Waterside Inn, (sat-nav: PO19 8DT.)
Otherwise there is on-street parking on Canal Wharf, and, (last time I looked,) parking was free at the Chichester Gate complex - off Terminus Road.
In the event that alcohol might be consumed, it is recommended that you come to Chichester by public transport. Both the railway and bus stations are nearby.
The vessel will return to the wharf at 22.00 hours – well in time for late trains.
(Buses? … don’t know.)

There will be none provided! You are invited to bring your own picnic-style sustenance and beverages. You will be eating and drinking from off your knees, but glass-ware has been requested.
(I plan to eat before I come.)
I have volunteered that we will take our own rubbish home, so bring a black bag.

That’s up to us.
There is space for instruments, but your grand piano will not fit through the door!
There will be no musical amplification provided, but, should you wish to bring your own, there are 220/240v sockets in the performance area at the front of the ship.
We are not planning a themed musical programme; just bring along songs/tunes you’d like to perform and share.
Be warned: there may be some video recording. If you would prefer not to have your performance recorded, (and possibly placed in the public domain,) please tell the video-cam operator; that will probably be Jane.

If you’ve watched the pictorial clues on this blog, and done your research, you’ll know about this.
Here’s a reminder:

If you click quiz clues that will take you to the archive.
There will be 20 questions of a nautical theme, (verified by wikipedia,) and you will trust your fellow voyagers to mark your answers sympathetically.
Please bring a pen/pencil.
Teams and collaborations are permitted, but there’s only one prize.

Do not bother to print out this information. Save the trees, and commit it to memory.
Any tickets that have been distributed are totally superfluous. You won’t need them.

I know who’s coming; I know who’s paid!

Any questions? Please feel free to phone me at 01243 574021.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Being The 10th June, 2011 ...

This evening Paul, at very short notice, took over the role of MC.
He was rather good, but not as pretty as the previous substitute.

Here's the slightly blurred company in candle-light:

... err ... well, some of the company.
Others were still engaged in free association.

Now here's the song list:

If I had a Hammer: Paul
Valparaiso: Laura & Colin
The Turkish Lady: Roland
The Shepherd's Daughter: Angela
Travelling Light: Richard
Molly Malone: Mike & Yvonne
God Bless Texas: Les
A Heart Needs a Home: Mike
Shuffle Rag: Mick
The Big Ship: Mave
Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping: Ken
The Leaves of Life (Seven Virgins.): Roger
I am a Brisk Lad (The Sheepstealer): Lynda
Mole in a Hole: Paul
Reynardine: Colin
Magdalen McGillivray: Laura
Warlike Seamen: Roland
Carter's Blues: Angela
Drunken Sailor: Richard
Till the Stars Fall from the Sky: Mike & Yvonne
Halcyon Days: Mike & Yvonne
Six Days on the Road: Les
Circles: Mike
I Wonder if Anyone will Marry Me Now: Mave
Give to the Belly, Boys, Beer ... : Ken
I Need Your Love So Bad: Roger
Most of us are Sad: Lynda
Too Soon to Know: Paul
The Innocent Hare (Sportsmen Arouse): Colin

Then we said, "Thank you." to Paul.
Everybody helped to clear up.
Eventually we all went home, (very quietly,) luxuriating in warm feelings that we had been surrounded by wonderful people.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Being The 3rd June, 2011

Once again Lynda diligently documented our doings.
(Don't you just love alliteration?)

Kazookulele: David
I'll Follow the Sun: Paul
Sealed with a Kiss:Lynda
Ranzo away: Roland
The Gypsy Girl: Angela
When Will the Good Apples Fall: Les
Dalesman's Litany: John
Blues in E: Mick
Pale Blue Eyes: Jane
I'm not Afraid to Die: Roger
I Could Easily Fall in Love with You: Berry
Qu'il est difficile à l'aimer: Tony
24 Hours from Tulsa: David
Michael in the Garden: Paul
Dublin City  in the Rare Auld times: Lynda
The Ship in Distress: Roland
No Telephones in Heaven: Angela
Rover: Les
Khosidl: Mick
Poor Wayfaring Stranger: Jane
Ballad of Billy the Kid: Roger
Hors d'oeuvres: Berry
Au Près de ma Blonde: Tony
Save the Last Dance for Me: David
Picture of You: Paul
When Morning Breaks: Lynda
Always the Singing: Angela

Thank you, Lynda.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Canal Trip Quiz clues ...

Not long to go now, so here is another selection of images to stimulate your research ...

What follows will be utterly unhelpful, but a question will be asked.
Enjoy the music anyway ...

Columbus was robbed!

And now, for Ken ...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Being The 27th of May, 2011 ...

Dogsbody wasn't there, so Lynda kindly undertook to document the evening's proceedings.
Thank you, Lynda.

Ukulele Lady: David
Goodbye: Paul
Blackwaterside: Lynda
Come All You Virginia Girls: Angela
Butter and Cheese and All: Roland
Faded Coat of Blue: Richard
Columbus: John
Rag Pickin': Mick
Banks of the Nile: Roger
A Most Unpleasant Way, Sir: Ken
I Can't Help Falling in Love with You: David
Father and Son: Paul
I'm a Freeborn Man: Lynda
Sailing on the Deep Blue Sea: Angela
General Wolfe: Roland
Never Grow Old: Richard
Saint Swithin's Day: John
Harvest Home/Philharmone Barn Dance: Mick
Brave Wolfe: Roger
A-Z of Folk Songs (Fred Wedlock): Ken
Come Here: David
Cryin' Waitin' Hopin': Paul
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face: Lynda
Crying Holy Unto the Lord: Angela
The Bold Princess Royal: Roland
Colecreek March: Richard
The Unquiet Grave: John
Jessica: Mick
Lost Lover Blues: Roger
Lakes of Ponchartrain: Ken

Now, I have no way of knowing whether I have put these in the correct order, but it's my best guess.

It sounds like you enjoyed another evening of supreme quality.
I wish I had been there.

I trust that you all departed in complete silence and left no evidence of your presence for others to question later.

While we were away …

Four participants of The City Folk Club visited Slovenia and stumbled into the International Wild Flower Festival based around Bohinj.
Here's a wild flower:

One evening we followed the Franc Urbanc Male Voice Choir around the delightful village of Stara Fuzina:

It didn’t matter that we couldn’t understand the words.
One of their songs seemed to be about oil containers; it can be heard here: oil-a-drum

It cost us nothing, and we were utterly charmed.
The choir departed.
We drank beer, fairly cheaply, and sat outside the pub singing English songs.
Nobody seemed to mind!

Here's another wild flower:

The above image is subject to copyright, published here by permission.
Any attempt to download it on to another machine will seriously corrupt your hard-drive!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Canal Trip, Quiz clues #8 and more ...

Dogsbody might be away, but technology allows him to post this in his regrettable absence.

Heres are some more pictorial clues to tantalise:



(Contestants are advised that ealier comments made by MwP/psm are entertaining - but unlikely to be helpful.)