Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Being The 3rd June, 2011

Once again Lynda diligently documented our doings.
(Don't you just love alliteration?)

Kazookulele: David
I'll Follow the Sun: Paul
Sealed with a Kiss:Lynda
Ranzo away: Roland
The Gypsy Girl: Angela
When Will the Good Apples Fall: Les
Dalesman's Litany: John
Blues in E: Mick
Pale Blue Eyes: Jane
I'm not Afraid to Die: Roger
I Could Easily Fall in Love with You: Berry
Qu'il est difficile à l'aimer: Tony
24 Hours from Tulsa: David
Michael in the Garden: Paul
Dublin City  in the Rare Auld times: Lynda
The Ship in Distress: Roland
No Telephones in Heaven: Angela
Rover: Les
Khosidl: Mick
Poor Wayfaring Stranger: Jane
Ballad of Billy the Kid: Roger
Hors d'oeuvres: Berry
Au Près de ma Blonde: Tony
Save the Last Dance for Me: David
Picture of You: Paul
When Morning Breaks: Lynda
Always the Singing: Angela

Thank you, Lynda.


parkingspaceman said...

I think you'll need these for Tony's songs: à è. You have not been charged for this service.

parkingspaceman said...

Alliteration's all very well, but once you've experienced triple-tonguing, all else pales.