Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Now something for the audio-technophiles ...

Another item to assist Nigel in his down-sizing ...

I know nothing about microphones, and the only information I have is what you see on the box.

Of course you'll need a cable ...

The hand is not included in this offer!

I gather that the connectors are 'XLR'.
One end (female) connects with the microphone, and I have no equipment that will accommodate the other (male) end.
The cable is about 8 metres long.

There is also another 8 metres-or-so of phono-phono cable with 6.35 mm jacks.

Any reasonable offer considered.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Nigel's Big Sale.

I have recently been pleased to meet with our mutual friend, Nigel.
Nigel says HELLO to everyone.

In an effort to create space in his home, he has generously donated a huge collection of CDs with the notion that some of our members might be willing to pay, say £1.00, for each to augment club funds.

Here's the list ...

Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher Old Men & Love Songs 2000 Folk
Bonnie Burden & Mark Orchin Silently Calling 1998 Folk
Catriona MacDonald Bold 2000 Fiddle
Catriona MacDonald & Ian Lowthian Opus Blue 1993 Fiddle
Cockersdale Doin' The Manch 1998 Folk
Cockersdale Picking Sooty Blackberries 2000 Folk
Coope Boyes & Simpson Hindsight 1998 Folk
Coope Boyes & Simpson & others Fire and Sleet and Candlelight ? Carols
Copper Family Coppersongs 2 1995 Folk
Dave Webber & Annie Fentiman Bonnet & Shawl 1996 Folk
Dave Webber & Annie Fentiman Solo Together 1993 Folk
Denise & Stuart Savage New Boots 1999
Dick Gaughan The Definitive Collection 2006 Folk
Eileen MacGann Heritage 1998
Ewan MacColl Black and White 1990 Folk
Ian Giles The Amber Triangle 1997
Jane Clark Fiddler 1999 Fiddle
Jean Redpath First Flight 1989 Folk
Jean Redpath Song of the Seals 1994 Folk
Jinks Stack Second Time Around 1996
Jolly Jack & Friends Rolling Down to Old Maui 1999 Folk
Kate & Anna McGarrigle Dancer with Bruised Knees 1977
Keith Kendrick Home Ground 1997 Folk
Kevin Burke … in Concert 1999 Fiddle
Margaret Berry & Michael Gorman Her Mantle so Green 1994 Folk
Martin Carthy Martin Carthy 1993 Folk
Martin Hayes Martin Hayes 1993 Fiddle
Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill Live in Seattle 1999 Fiddle
Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill The Lonesome Touch 1997 Fiddle
Martin Wyndham Read Mussels on a Tree 1991 Folk
Martin Wyndham Read Sunlit Plains 1994 Folk
Matt Cranitch Take a Bow 1992 Fiddle
Matt Cranitch Give it Stick ? Fiddle
Mike Nicholson Stone by Stone 2001 Folk
Mississippi John Hurt Make me a Pallet 2002 Blues?
Muliple Artists The Etchingham Steam Band 1995
Muliple Artists The Very Best of Cajun Classics ?
Multiple Artists Jazz Britannia 1999 Jazz
Natalie MacMaster A Compilation 1997 Fiddle
O'Keefe/Murphy/Clifford Kerry Fiddles 1994 Fiddle
Richard Wood The Celtic Touch 1996 Fiddle
Richard Wood A Change of Reasons ? Fiddle
Roustabout Better than it Sounds 1999
The Bing Brothers Just for the Sake of It 1993/97
The Dubliners Best of … (Wild Rover) 1996 Folk
The Dubliners Collection 1987 Folk
The Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band Home Music with Spirits 1992 Cajun?
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior Summer Solstice 1996 Folk
Tom Anderson & Ali Bain The Silver Bow 1993 Fiddle
Tom McConville & Chris Newman The Music of James Hill 1993 Fiddle

Those highlighted are already reserved.

They all appear to be in good condition, although some of the cases are damaged, and most have original sleeve notes.

I do not have the time to listen to all of them, I already have some in my own collection and there is some smashing musical material.

If you are interested in buying any of these albums, please contact me:
I am willing to scan and copy sleeve notes if you require detailed information.


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Being Friday, the Tenth Day of the Eleventh Month, 2017 ...

We remembered ...

Laurie brought along this poem, of unknown authorship, read by Bryan ...

Lynda sang an old Shaker song ...

Not downhearted, thanks to Stuart we went home in peace.
Our feet were guided by ...

Friday, September 15, 2017

An obscure pictorial account of Fridays 1st and 8th September, 2017 ...

Yes, we are back in the Guide Hall with its brand new kitchen ...

The refurbishment took 6 weeks ...

and the paint is still wet!

We now have use of a duet of gleaming kettles ...

Being harvest-time ...

... the bearded barley, to glad the heart of man.

Ken sang of a well-known fragrance ...

Derek took his chance ...

Lynda remembered a capital city ...

... as the lights go down.
I'll remember Dublin City ...

Laurie came along with a friend called Roland ...

Roland played a march in celebration of the Dorset Militia ...

Actually, it sounded more like a Morris dance!

Then Laurie took us on a railway journey ...

This train at Bournemouth West station
is known as 'The Slow & Dirty'.

Here are Roger and Mick ...

What was that they sang about vestal virgins?

Mike reminded us of Saturday matinees at the cinema ...

Kiss my ass, Kimo Sabe, I've bought a boat!

So, it's back-to-normal operation, hopefully, for the rest of the year.

Please keep that music coming.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Being Friday the Twenty-Fifth Day of August, 2017 ...

This was our final evening at our temporary venue.
Our occupation of Chidham Village Hall has proved very satisfactory, and thanks to everyone who ventured out into the rural province, could be described as having been a success.

We even attracted a trio of local dignitaries.

Paul considered the weather ...

Tomorrow may rain ...

Bryan related yet another paranormal encounter ...

We do worry about Bryan!

Howard embarked on a whaling expedition ...

She capsized our boat and we lost five men.

Ken pursued the movie theme further ...

Do not look in the basement!

We departed after dancing a polka in company ...

Y-er safer off Cape Horn!


Yes, our rural expedition is now over.
Very many thanks to everyone who came along to support the club in Chidham.

From Friday 1st September we will be re-occupying our usual venue: The Guide Hall, complete with new kitchen!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Chidham #3; Friday the Eighteenth Day of August, 2017 ...

Another successful evening at our temporary home was superbly MC-d by Paul.

The usual suspects arrived in good time, and we were able to commence proceedings at 20.03 hours, precisely.

Ken sang about his desire for a lady of generous proportions ...

"Give me the fat lady."

"Fool!" said Ken.
"I sang about this cooking utensil ...

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Our second visit to Chidham, 11th August, 2017 ...

Here's the table set-up before people arrived ...

Those chairs are much more comfortable
than the ones at the Guide Hall.

 People arrived prepared for a prompt start at 8.00pm ...

Note the presence of natives of the parish. They constituted 50% of the gathering.

We must be getting something right because Laurie, all the way from Littlehampton, returned to our company.
Here he is playing with the very beautiful Sophia ...

This is a song by Elvis Pretzel.

Notice the pretty flowers that Angela so generously provided to decorate the tables.

A theme developed concerning happiness.
Being a folk music club, where we often relate tales of misfortune, betrayal and death, some of us had difficulty with that.

Ken appeared to be enamoured of animals ...

Mike shared fond memories of nights of sweet repose while staying with Granny ...

Nine feet high and six feet wide ...

Geoff and Anne, joining us from Hambrook, embarked on an historical account of revolution ...

A good sword and a trusty hand!
A merry heart and true!

Then we were treated to the bird-song of megalurus punctatus, a bird native to New Zealand ...

Is my darling still true?
(Well, actually it was yodelling.)

Following this: a duo of mouth-trumpeters!

Mave always obeys her mother ...

Always look under the bed!

Geoff, (of Hambrook. not Lancing,) took us to a railway station ...

... and suddenly all the words I should have said had come.

Dogsbody remembered Bob Copper ...

Angela sent us home, kindly inviting us to take the pretty flowers with us ...

"But I'd like the jam-jars back, please."

Thank you, Angela, and everyone for your pleasant company.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Being Friday the Fourth day of August, 2017 - in Chidham ...

Well, here we are at our temporary venue ...

Dogsbody had endured sleepless nights worrying about this relocation ...

  • Will we be overwhelmed by an invasion of curious natives of the Chidham Peninsula with unreasonable expectations of being entertained?
  • Will my neighbour bring his grandchild who has a drum-kit?
  • Are we to expect small human beings bearing ukuleles?
  • How many seats should we arrange?
  • How shall we orientate the tables?
  • What if Ken and Mave don't come?
  • Is Chidham too far to travel for our regular participants?
Such anxiety was a complete waste of emotional energy ...

  • Despite prolific publicity, no natives came, albeit we were ready to welcome all-comers.
  • We found enough seats to accommodate all 24 participants, including Ken and Mave.
  • The arbitrary arrangement of tables was fairly satisfactory.
  • The distance was not too great for Geoff, all the way from Lancing, but he'd only travelled West for lunch, and thought he'd pop in before going home. Welcome, again, Geoff!
Moseley was charged with collecting money ...

Moseley did a grand job.
Moseley was also meant to take photographs for the archive.
He forgot!

So, I will not bore you with tedious images referring obscurely to what was performed.
You know what you did so well, and a confidential record of such doings has been committed to the archive, should you wish to be reminded.

I will simply say, "Big thank you!" to all of you who came along and made this one of the best-attended and enjoyable meetings of the year.

As you will know, we have use of the same venue for the next three weeks: 11th, 18th and 25th August, so I hope you will continue your support.

Thank you, again, to all you wonderful people.
May you stay forever wonderful.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Being Friday the 21st day of July, 2017 ...

We have known for some time that the Guides are planning to have the kitchen refurbished during August.
The plans are on display ...

Dogsbody arrived to discover an invoice for use of the Guide Hall during July. He became concerned when he found that it did not include next week, (28th.)
Phone call ... "Oh, no, you can't use the hall next week. The builders start on Monday ... earlier than we anticipated."

Undeterred, he got on with the usual business of setting up tables, chairs, toilet-signs etc.
In anticipation that participants might like to prepare hot beverages, he boiled a kettle of water.

Paul brings his own tea-bag, but not a cup.
Paul likes to make tea ...

... and ALL the cupboards were bare!

Thus threatened with dehydration, as there were no drinking vessels whatsoever, Paul nobly occupied the chair of authority.

We commenced with stormy weather ...

I'm going away for a while.

This was closely followed by unseasonal leaf-fall ...

Soon I'll hear old winter's song.

Angela's friend, Anne, played the most delightful flute to accompany Paul ...

Paul's singing in French was passable!

Mick took us on an instrumental journey in company of ...

Angela contributed to the customary death toll ...

Number 8 is all flooded ...

Dogsbody was given to wobbly disposition and managed to get to the end of only one song ...

... and we'll sail with the tide ...

Les and Pam rescued him at the end of the evening, and we couldn't leave Debbie standing alone in the rain, could we?
It was an eventful journey home.
VERY many thanks to Les and Pam.

So, now, remember this ...
We will not be meeting next Friday, 28th.
During August we will be accommodated at Chidham Village Hall on Fridays: 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th.
Prompt start at 8.00pm, please.

Click this link for directions.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Being Friday the Fourteenth Day of July, 2017 ...

Being also Bastille Day ...

A la Bastille!

"Crèpe Suzette!" sang Ken.

Roger took us to the dry and sandy deserts of North Africa ...

Oh, cursed be those cruel wars ...

Bryan gave a poetic account of failed courtship ...

But you did ask for a two-seater.
And it is British Racing Green!

The fun being over, we gently rose and softly called ...

Good Night and Joy!