Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Being Friday the Twenty-Fifth Day of August, 2017 ...

This was our final evening at our temporary venue.
Our occupation of Chidham Village Hall has proved very satisfactory, and thanks to everyone who ventured out into the rural province, could be described as having been a success.

We even attracted a trio of local dignitaries.

Paul considered the weather ...

Tomorrow may rain ...

Bryan related yet another paranormal encounter ...

We do worry about Bryan!

Howard embarked on a whaling expedition ...

She capsized our boat and we lost five men.

Ken pursued the movie theme further ...

Do not look in the basement!

We departed after dancing a polka in company ...

Y-er safer off Cape Horn!


Yes, our rural expedition is now over.
Very many thanks to everyone who came along to support the club in Chidham.

From Friday 1st September we will be re-occupying our usual venue: The Guide Hall, complete with new kitchen!


Berry J. Greene said...

Colin paid tribute to those who made the effort to arrive by 8pm at Chidham.
Does 07:55 count & not ready to perform?
I liked the change of being at Chidham Village Hall with its near to 200 year history (1833). For very nearly its first 100 years it was a Malthouse. As far as I'm concerned it will remain so until the WI who have occupied it since the 1920's make me some cakes!
I think we should be asking the Guide Hall bookings clerk to ID the days in the year that the hall won't be available to us - so that we can book Chidham for those occasions.
I can see no reason why Ken needs to know about such diversions either!! That's what is known as a WIN WIN situation isn't it?

Colin said...

I pay grateful tribute to everyone who braved those treacherous, uncharted waters to the West of Chichester.
On time, or otherwise ... it matters not.
If we should occupy 'The Old Malthouse' again, I will invite the WI to give a cake-making demonstration especially for you, Berry!