Saturday, August 5, 2017

Being Friday the Fourth day of August, 2017 - in Chidham ...

Well, here we are at our temporary venue ...

Dogsbody had endured sleepless nights worrying about this relocation ...

  • Will we be overwhelmed by an invasion of curious natives of the Chidham Peninsula with unreasonable expectations of being entertained?
  • Will my neighbour bring his grandchild who has a drum-kit?
  • Are we to expect small human beings bearing ukuleles?
  • How many seats should we arrange?
  • How shall we orientate the tables?
  • What if Ken and Mave don't come?
  • Is Chidham too far to travel for our regular participants?
Such anxiety was a complete waste of emotional energy ...

  • Despite prolific publicity, no natives came, albeit we were ready to welcome all-comers.
  • We found enough seats to accommodate all 24 participants, including Ken and Mave.
  • The arbitrary arrangement of tables was fairly satisfactory.
  • The distance was not too great for Geoff, all the way from Lancing, but he'd only travelled West for lunch, and thought he'd pop in before going home. Welcome, again, Geoff!
Moseley was charged with collecting money ...

Moseley did a grand job.
Moseley was also meant to take photographs for the archive.
He forgot!

So, I will not bore you with tedious images referring obscurely to what was performed.
You know what you did so well, and a confidential record of such doings has been committed to the archive, should you wish to be reminded.

I will simply say, "Big thank you!" to all of you who came along and made this one of the best-attended and enjoyable meetings of the year.

As you will know, we have use of the same venue for the next three weeks: 11th, 18th and 25th August, so I hope you will continue your support.

Thank you, again, to all you wonderful people.
May you stay forever wonderful.

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