Friday, June 17, 2011

So, where's our 'genial host'?

David has decided to take an indefinite and richly-deserved sabbatical from the club.

Ken writes as follows:

On behalf of the club, I wish him well in whatever interests he will pursue, and thank him for his contributions to the club over the last six years or so, and particularly for his MC duties over the last four.
In this role, he has placed a unique stamp on the club, and was largely responsible for the significant increase in numbers, attracted in part by the warmth of his welcome.
He will be much missed, and we await his return, in whatever capacity, as soon as he himself wants to delight us again with his personality and music. Lynda has agreed to organise a rota of people to MC. It is clear that such an irreplaceable MC cannot be replaced by just one person.

I have no doubt that Ken's sentiments are widely shared.
For me it has been a great privilege to work alongside David who has been an invaluable source of encouragement, and a great figurehead for our gathering.

Now, let's get on!