Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Canal Trip: joining instructions.

You all know that the M.V. Richmond will depart from the Canal Basin promptly at 19.00 hours on Saturday 25th June. In previous years we have been permitted to board from 18.40 hours, so come early.
I shall be happy to collect £5.00 from anyone who has not yet paid as you board.
(By the way, there is room for one more. If you'd like to occupy the spare berth, please let me know - 01243 574021.)

Getting there:
There is limited space for clients to park alongside the canal basin, near the Canal Shop. Take the gravel track off Canal Wharf adjacent to the recently-refurbished Waterside Inn, (sat-nav: PO19 8DT.)
Otherwise there is on-street parking on Canal Wharf, and, (last time I looked,) parking was free at the Chichester Gate complex - off Terminus Road.
In the event that alcohol might be consumed, it is recommended that you come to Chichester by public transport. Both the railway and bus stations are nearby.
The vessel will return to the wharf at 22.00 hours – well in time for late trains.
(Buses? … don’t know.)

There will be none provided! You are invited to bring your own picnic-style sustenance and beverages. You will be eating and drinking from off your knees, but glass-ware has been requested.
(I plan to eat before I come.)
I have volunteered that we will take our own rubbish home, so bring a black bag.

That’s up to us.
There is space for instruments, but your grand piano will not fit through the door!
There will be no musical amplification provided, but, should you wish to bring your own, there are 220/240v sockets in the performance area at the front of the ship.
We are not planning a themed musical programme; just bring along songs/tunes you’d like to perform and share.
Be warned: there may be some video recording. If you would prefer not to have your performance recorded, (and possibly placed in the public domain,) please tell the video-cam operator; that will probably be Jane.

If you’ve watched the pictorial clues on this blog, and done your research, you’ll know about this.
Here’s a reminder:

If you click quiz clues that will take you to the archive.
There will be 20 questions of a nautical theme, (verified by wikipedia,) and you will trust your fellow voyagers to mark your answers sympathetically.
Please bring a pen/pencil.
Teams and collaborations are permitted, but there’s only one prize.

Do not bother to print out this information. Save the trees, and commit it to memory.
Any tickets that have been distributed are totally superfluous. You won’t need them.

I know who’s coming; I know who’s paid!

Any questions? Please feel free to phone me at 01243 574021.


parkingspaceman said...

I think I can see four images which have not been previously shown in the "Quiz Clues" context. Has a blog entry gone missing, or is DS&W intending to mislead/surprise us?

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

PSM demonstrates great diligence in his research.
In reality, I have yet to compose the questions, but I plan to base them on the archive already published.

parkingspaceman said...

So the island chain, the galleon, the New York Times and the sea-battle (if such it be - the image is too small to be sure) are red herrings, then? Is clarity too much to ask for?

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

Well done, PSM. Yes, that is an island chain.
The NYT compliments another image, already posted in the archive.
'Galleon' - Yes, it is. As before, there is one other item in the earlier posts that will be slightly helpful.
'Sea battle' - Yes, you're almost there.
Any 'red herrings' are utterly intentional.
Oh, I suppose we could sing about them again!