Monday, June 29, 2009

Being the Twentysixth of June 2009...

The Wife of Usher's Well: David
Mole in a Hole: Paul
Moonlight Serenade: Brenda/Berry
People Will Say We're In Love: Berry
Emma's Waltz: Ian
Tender Comrade: John
Zeppelin: Mick
In The Darkness of the Night: Mike P.
I'm Looking Through You: Les
Banks of the Ohio: Ray
Anderson's Coast: Mave
When We Were Good: Ken/Berry
Escuba (?) River: Bill 1:1
The Female Cabin Boy: Colin
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: David
Raining In My Heart: Paul
Anytime: Brenda/Berry
What About Me?: Berry
Don't Explain: Lucy
Da Slockit Light: Ian
Tolpuddle Man: John
Tuning Bee: Mick
Circle Game: Mike P.
Where Am I Going To Live When I Get Home?: Les
The Rose of Annandale: Ray
Wave Over Wave: Mave
Harbour Lights: Ken/Berry
Young Billy Brown: Bill 1:1
Old Peculiar: Colin
Devoted to You: Lucy
Lord ?: Ian
Rolling Home: Ray

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St. Anley said...

I have corrected David's spelling of 'slockit' for Ian's offering. I confess, I had it wrong too.

Ian correctly described the tune, 'Da Slockit Light', as a lament.

I found this in Tom Anderson's 'Ringing Strings'. Tom writes as follows -
"I was coming out of Eshaness in late January, 1969, the time was after 11.00 pm and as I looked back at the top of the hill leading out of the district I saw so few lights compared to what I remembered when I was young. As I watched, the lights started going out one by one. That, coupled with the recent death of my late wife, made me think of the old word 'slockit', meaning, a light that has gone out, and I think that was what inspired the tune..."

Great tune, Ian.