Saturday, December 27, 2014

Being Friday the 19th of December, 2014 ...

Only two days to go before the solstice ...

We had a party.

Several people took heed of the dress-code ...

Sylvia showed off her Appalachian dulcimer ...

"Please can we play something
in the key of D?" asked Sylvia.

  • We made music, we sang and laughed.
  • There was yodelling and whistling.
  • We ate and drank in moderation.
  • We said nice things to each other.
  • We bought raffle tickets and won prizes ...

Dogsbody continues to struggle with this
obscure instrument that he won.

Mick retrieved the prize that he has been trying to get rid of for years!

One person danced ...

Oh, no ... that was the week before.

Seriously now ...
Thank you to everyone who came along and contributed to a most enjoyable evening.
Thank you for so generously sharing food, buying raffle tickets, and donating desirable prizes.

Thank you, indeed, to all who have supported our gathering throughout another successful year.

Important information ...
At the time of publishing you will already have discovered that we did not meet on Friday, 26th December - Boxing Day.
However, there is a consensus that has agreed to meet on Friday 2nd January, 2015.
We will also meet on the following Friday, 9th January. but not on Friday 16th January because the Guides need the hall.
After that, keep an eye on the informative blog.


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