Monday, October 8, 2012

Children in Need, 2012 ...

I hesitate to arouse ‘compassion fatigue’ after the club’s recent charitable enterprise on behalf of Parkinson’s UK, to which everyone contributed so generously, but …

Shortly we will have our annual Children in Need event:
Friday, 16th November, 2012.

CFC has always supported this nationwide appeal.
In past years, CiN night has always proved popular at the club.

We plan three strategies for raising money:
  1. The total pot contributions for the evening will be donated to CiN.
  2. There will be a raffle. You are invited to donate prizes.
  3. Sponsored requests.
You all know about sponsored requests, don’t you?
It works like this:
  • You, the requestor, fill in a form that identifies a song/piece of music that you want to hear by a particular performer.
  • Place that form in a box that will be provided at the club, along with £1.00 for each request you make. (Yes, it’s money-up-front with no guarantees!)
  • Tell your requested performer that you have made such a request.
Forms will be available at the club every Friday until 9th November. Dogsbody will collate these requests and e-circulate performers in advance.
Then, on the night, we get through as many requests in the sing-around as we possibly can.
This usually runs on and on for several weeks thereafter, so requestors get to hear what they want to hear, and performers derive a warm sense of encouragement.
Dogsbody has all this in hand as ‘work-in-progress’, so watch this space.


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