Saturday, October 27, 2012

Being Friday the 26th of October, 2012 ...

There was definitely an autumnal chill in the air, but that didn’t deter eighteen bodies and a stuffed penguin of indeterminate gender from turning out to share music.

Berry was in the chair.
Assisted by Ken, he kicked off with two songs about dancing. The segue to Ken was almost seamless, but there was no physical gyration.
We then spent some time deliberating about the meaning of that term, ‘segue’. We concluded that it is not a dance move.
John, a welcome visitor from Leicestershire, after some difficulty with his SatNav, eventually managed to find us.
He brought along, and played, this very beautiful instrument …

You can see and hear John by clicking this link.

Some musical offerings related to ghosts and voices from the after-life ...
It is nearly that season
of the year, after all.
Here are some other pictorial clues …

I sang of Arthur
... and of Roland!

31st October, 1941, somewhere in
the North Atlantic
Had you one kiss ...

Bonny and black...

Roger has to marry the farmer's daughter to get this.

The most boring railway station in Essex.

A Sunday walk.

Are there really no
telephones in Heaven?
Will any of us ever find out?

Now, let’s talk about those sponsored requests for Children in Need

What generous people you are!

You have already generated £65.00 in cash towards this enterprise, and I have several promissory notes. (Dogsbody knows who you are!) 

Most people have got the idea of how this works.

The deadline for making requests has to be at our meeting on 9th November so that performers will have at least a few days to prepare.

Finally ...
Please remember that we won't be there next Friday, 2nd November.


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