Saturday, November 10, 2012

More about Children in Need ...

Only one week to go, and we’ve already sold 5 raffle tickets for those as-yet unidentified prizes. We hope that participants will generously donate desirable prizes.
The sponsored requests-thingy has generated an additional 35 requests, so we’re well over one hundred. The money has been collected ‘on trust'; (I haven’t counted it all yet!)

Clearly, as in previous years, we won’t get through all those requests in one evening.
Worry not: there will be other opportunities for you to fulfil your obligations in the coming weeks … months … years?
I will try to e-circulate performers within the next few days. If you are unsure, please email:, or telephone 01243 574021.
The entire pot contribution, proceeds from the raffle sales and the requests will be donated to Children in Need.
Now, here’s one desirable raffle prize …
The New Penguin Book of
English Folk Songs
Ed. Steve Roud & Julia Bishop,
Pub. in association with EFDSS, 2012


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