Friday, June 11, 2010

Being The Seventh of May 2010

What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?: David
Searching For Lambs/The North Hill May Song: Colin
Long Gone: Les
The Wind and Rain: Tony
Kilamona Barndance: Mick
The Muffin Man/? : Lorna
Echo Beach: Angela
Learning The Game: Paul
Wild Thing: Jack
Come Here: David
Spanish Ladies: Colin
Long Black Veil: Les
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You: Tony
? : Mick
Oh! Susanna/Old Joe Clark: Lorna
In Five Years Time: Angela
Your Mother and I: Paul
Late October: David
The Streams of Lovely Nancy: Colin
? : Les
In The Still of the Night: Tony
Mother Nature's Son: Mick
? : Lorna
Babes In The Wood: Angela
What Goes On: Paul
Daisy Bell: David
The Black Bird: Colin
Mr. Man In The Moon: Les
Here Comes The Sun: Mick
Matha and Amos: Angela
If You Loved Me: Paul

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