Thursday, November 19, 2009

Being the Thirteenth of November 2009...

David: The Stars In Your Eyes
Paul: If I Were A Carpenter
Eddie: The Grey Funnel Line
Yvonne: I Only Want to be With You
Mike: One True Love
Les: Lyin' Eyes
Jane: The Bay of Biscay
Berry: I Love You Because
Dave: Horse With No Name
Jane: Jack Frost
Lorna: Eye Level
Ray: The Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill
Phine: Could I Have This Dance?
Mick: Waltz in E, Am & B
Lynda: After the Gold Rush
Ken: Paddy's Lament
Margaret: We'll Sing in the Sunshine
Colin: Scarecrow
Mave: Roads
David: The Race Is On
Les: Devoted To You
Paul: Father and Son
Eddie: I'll Lay You Down
Mike: All These Things and More
Jane/David: Friday I'm In Love
Berry: Storms Never Last/In Dreams
Dave: Barges
Lorna: Jamaica
Ray: Dark Eyed Beauty
Phine: I'll Do My Crying in the Rain
Mick: Kerfunken Jig
Lynda: How's the World Treating You
Margaret: Sunshine on my Shoulder
Colin: A Night Visit Song
Mave: I'll Do My Frying in the Rain

1 comment:

St. Anley said...

Thank you, David, for 'The Stars in Your Eyes'.
I should have made that a request.
That's another 50p in the pot for Children in Need!