Sunday, November 8, 2009

Being the Sixth of November 2009...

Fair Thee Well Dearest Nancy: David
Clouds: Paul
Get Up Jimmy Newman: Ken
Galloping: Chris
? : Mave
Lay Me Low: Lynda
Lady of Beauty: Eddie
? : Jane
Love Will Tear Us Apart: Mike P.
The Tower: Dave
Something: Les
Obama/Osama: Mike
Pentland Hills/Mayday: Bill 1:1
Tom Bowling: Colin
Zeppelin: Mick
Handbags and Gladrags: David
My Three Brothers: Mave
Crying, Waiting, Hoping: Paul
What Ever Happened to Saturday Night? : Lynda
Out of the Blue: Mick
Wrecking Ball: Jane/David
Roses of No Man's Land: Eddie
Year of the Cat: Dave
A Most Peculiar Man: Mike P.
Imagine: Les
November Sixth: Ken
Farewell Angelina: Mike/Janet
Creeping Jane: Bill 1:1
Sportsmen Arouse: Colin
Swedish Tune: Mike

1 comment:

St. Anley said...

What a beautifully preserved vehicle that is.
Is it an estate version of the Hillman Minx, or a converted Commer van?
Is it/was it yours?
Is it for sale?