Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wukulele Festival 2010.

I've mentioned (to anyone within earshot) the uke festival several times in past weeks.
I'm the Fringe Festival event on Saturday the 9th October starting at 13:00 in the Wheatsheaf Pub.
Tthe first act on the bill is (oh, what a surprise) Jane, Colin and myself now working under the name (subject to confirmation) 'Beheld'.

At the risk of pushing it a bit to far, here's all the official information anyone could ask for:

South Coast International Ukulele Festival
8th, 9th and 10th October 2010 in Worthing, West Sussex.
Venues: St. Paul’s Centre and Assembly Hall, Worthing.
Box office: Tel: 01903 751752.
Book online at

By now everybody's aware of the incredible and ever-increasing popularity
of the ukulele. It's an instrument that anyone, it seems, can pick up and
learn for fun. Ukulele jams have sprung up all over the country, providing
homespun entertainment for a generation of DIY enthusiasts. What's not so
obvious is that in the hands of a virtuoso, the instrument can produce
spellbinding and truly beautiful music. With the WUKULELE FESTIVAL, the
British ukulele scene comes of age.

Friday 8 October: Sean O'Hagan: Music for Sixty Ukuleles and Sixty
Schoolchildren. Performed by pupils of Whytemead First Primary School.
Commission supported by PRS for Music Foundation.

Saturday 9 October: Bob Brozman (USA); Sophie Madeleine (UK); U.K.E.
featuring Lionel K. Hubert (France); The Half Sisters (UK); Ukulelezaza

Sunday 10 October: Richard Durrant (UK); The Re-entrants (UK); Yan Yalego
(France); The Bobby McGees (UK); The Uke Box (Holland).
Workshops for all levels, extensive fringe, stalls, more.

Believe me when I say 'this is going to be BIG'
(The festival I mean. Not the ukulele which will remain quite small.)

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