Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here's a potted history ...

On this day, 10 years ago, some of us met to make music at The Richmond Arms in West Ashling.

That venue soon proved unsatisfactory, and our weekly tenure became unreliable.

Max wandered the streets of Chichester and discovered the (now-defunct) Regnum Club in South Street.
Early in 2005 we occupied a dark, damp and cold basement-room of that establishment.
People came along and made music.
Even though the surroundings were somewhat dismal, we had fun.

There were memorable occasions.
Often you couldn’t hear a pin drop as one of our participants would give a heart-stopping performance.
We would close our eyes, slow our breathing and imbibe supreme music through the very pores of our souls.

Occasionally new faces would appear.
Commonly they would apologetically say, "I've never done this before ... "
Then ... oh, what rapture!

In 2000-and-forgotten-something… we started to hear rumours ...
The Regnum Club was failing, and likely to close.
With girded loins on bicycles, (and with minimal apology,) we upped-and-left to occupy our present venue: The Guide Hall in Whyke Lane.

This has been a very happy association with the Guides.
The room is comfortable and usually warm.
The acoustics are favourable, and the facilities clean and functional.

So … what has The City Folk Club achieved in ten years?

From the outset we never had any clearly-stated aims, goals or objectives.

Importantly, we have made many new friends, cemented old friendships, encouraged new-comers, spawned collaborations, (weathered floods and and extinguished conflagrations!)

... made music
... made music
... and more terrific music that just keeps getting better
... and we’ve had a great time doing it!

Of course, there are several people that I have failed to name or acknowledge in this account.
That is intentional because I would hate to omit anyone from the following sentiment ...
You know who you are ... all of you.
The City Folk Club is your club.
Without your very valued support, regularly or intermittently, it would not exist.

Thank you, everyone, congratulations and MANY HAPPY RETURNS!


PS. We are considering some sort of proper celebration later in the year. Any suggestions?


London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Congratulations! Happy birthday and particular thanks to ALL the members past & present. To Colin the anchor in the City Folk endeavour goes heartfelt appreciation of a job well done. Friendly encouragement has allowed us to slowly grow our music. What would so many have done without the Chichester clubs? Prison! Surely not - they are so full! Thanks everyone.

London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Lovely evening for our birthday. It was a pleasure to MC it. Well done everyone!

Colin said...

Thank you, Berry, for your kind words.
... and thank you to all those people who ensure that I get home safely on Friday nights.
(They know who they are.)