Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fund-Raising for Prostate Cancer UK ...

Here’s something you need to know …

Our meeting on Friday 7th February will be devoted to fund-raising on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK.

How will we raise funds?

  • The ENTIRE SUBSCRIPTION POT will be donated.
We expect the usual £2.00 per head, and if you’d like to give more, we are sure that will be greatly appreciated.


Please bring along some desirable prize that we may raffle during the interval.


We like requests.

Those of you who have attended our Children-in-Need evenings in previous years know how this works …
You, the requestor, invite a performer or collaboration to sing/play a particular song/piece of music from their known repertoire.
The privilege of submitting such a request will cost you £1.00, (non-refundable!)

Forms for making requests will be available at the club every Friday evening until 31st January.
Performers will be circulated about their obligations in advance of the evening - the sooner the better, please.

If you need reminding about who sings/plays whatever, hard copy of our song lists is held in a folder at the club; you are welcome to peruse this.
Otherwise, email any enquiries to cityfolkclub@gmail,com and I will do my best to remind you from the confidential archive.

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