Saturday, October 8, 2011

Being The 7th October, 2011 ...

How can I describe this wonderful evening of good company, camaraderie and music?

Mike took the chair with an air of gentle authority.
Here is Mike, looking sartorially elegant, at a picnic that he attended earlier this year ...

Here's what we did:

The Goodbye Hat: Mike
Blood Red Roses: Colin & Roland
Boulder to Birmingham: Paul
The Air that I Breathe: Lynda & Paul
Fisherman's Blues: Matt
The Rose: Margaret
Begone Dull Care: Sylvia
Hessle Road: John
Belle of Barnstaple: Jane & Colin M.
Blackwaterside: Mick
Billy the Kid: Roger
Warbash Cannonball: Les
The Fox Jumps over the Parson's Gate: Roland
Come all you Virginia Girls: Angela
Aloysius: Jane & Colin M.
Wonderful World: David
All the Good Times: Eddie
I Don't Like Mondays: Lucy
Wind and Tides Permitting: Mike
Meeting of the Waters: Colin
Nowhere Man: Paul
Maid of Culmore: Lynda
Dreaming of You: Matt
The Balcony: Margaret
When Father Papered the Parlour: Sylvia
Blow the Man Down: John
Bushes and Briars: Jane M.
Ride On: Molly
Pat Canny's Reel: Mick
Fulsome Prison: Les & Pam
Bold Princess Royal: Roland
I'll Fly Away: Angela
Steal Away: David
Hobo's Lullaby: Roger
Last Thing on my Mind: Eddie
Waterfall: Lucy
Durham Gaol: Jane & Colin M.

So how shall I describe it after all?
A wonderful evening of good company, camaraderie and music!
I was proud to be among you.

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