Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Message from our Friend, Phine ...

Hi Everyone!

It has been a privilege to belong to The City Folk Club. I joined it when I first came down to West Sussex, and the Friday evening sessions have filled my life with rainbows.
Everyone is friendly and the talent there is simply admirable!

When I have been in Singapore and missed it all, I had gone onto YouTube to see and listen to the recording that [someone] made years ago. It made me feel that I was back in the group and that my friends were all around me.

I know I have made the right decision to go back to Singapore to be with my family and increasing number of grandchildren, but I shall regret not having you all and the folk club to attend each Friday. I will miss you and shall think of you on Fridays and wish every one of you happiness. Thank you all for your friendship and kindness ...


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