Saturday, October 1, 2011

Being The 30th September, 2011 ...

Oh, it's Friday evening again at The City Folk Club ...

Nineteen people turned up and put money in the pot.
One person popped in early and said, "Hello - goodbye."
She didn't pay.
Later, two people poked their heads around the door, wondering what was going on.
They declined an invitation to join us, but contributed to some enthusiastic applause as Mike H. finished his second spot.
Then they departed without paying either.

So what?
We had a quorum, and we could still pay the rent.
That's fine!

Paul took the chair and directed the following performances:

It May Take a Thousand Years: Paul
High Germany: Lynda
Beulah Land: Angela, Roland & Colin
You Gentlemen of England: Roland
The Widow Maker: Eddie
Last Day of September: Yvonne
The Harvester: Mike
Here Comes the Sun: Mick
Pretty Saro: Roger
I Didn't Care: Les
Long Black Veil: Margaret
We Plough the Fields and Scatter: David
Let's Keep it that Way: Phine
Field Behind the Plough: Nigel
When You were Sweet Sixteen: Tony
Handsome Molly: Colin
Another Girl: Paul
Outward Bound: Lynda & Paul
Old Virginee: Angela & Roland
By the Green Grove: Roland
Grey Funnel Line: Eddie
Who do you Think You're Fooling: Yvonne
Legacy: Mike
Harvest Home/Kil ... Barn Dance(?): Mick
Rear View Mirror: Roger
Wreck of the Old 97: Les & Pam
Till the White Rose Blooms Again: Margaret
Children and Flowers: David
Donna Donna: Phine & Colin
Wonderful Tonight: Nigel
Row On: Colin & full cast

In one particular way it was a special evening, tinged with slight sadness: it was Phine's last appearance with us before she departs for her new home in Singapore.
Here's Phine in a photograph I took five years ago ...

She doesn't look any older now, does she?
We said our farewells and responded to her musical requests, (after some time-consuming guitar tuning in a couple of quarters!)
Phine has been a delightful contributor in our company since those dark, cold, damp days at an earlier venue.
We will miss her, but the wonderful interweb thingy will ensure that we keep in touch.

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