Monday, April 13, 2009

Being the Tenth of April 2009...

Hey kids, let's palliate our ulna's with Luna Caustic and get down with our bad selves to these heavyweight monsters of funk...

Pack Up Your Sorrows: Colin/Bill 1:1/Dave+Full Cast
Windham: David
I'll Be There: Paul
If Fishes Were Wishes: Anne/Alan
Ohio Riverboat Song: Jane/Dave
There is a Folk Club Far Away: Yvonne/Mike
Soundman: Steve
Blue Moon: Maggie
Stand By Me: Bill 1:2
Sweet and Innocent: Berry
John Blunt: Bill 1:1
The Holmfirth Anthem: Jenny/Bill 1:1
When You and I Were Young: Ray
Green Banks of Grain: Mave
Annan Water: Colin
Cityist People: Lucy
Leaves of Life: Roger
Ballad of the Lost Prophet: David
It was a Very Good Year: Paul/Roger
Lady Margaret: Anne/Alan
Easter: Jane/Dave
Till the Stars___: Yvonne/Mike
Steal Away: Maggie
I Killed a Man Today: Bill 1:2
Somebody Stole My Gal: Berry
Wondrous Love: Bill 1:1
The Happy Wanderer: Ray
Under the Bed (My Mother Said Always Look) : Mave
Idumea: Colin
Passing Through: Roger
Rolling Home: Ray/Alan+Full Cast

No more nails...

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