Saturday, April 4, 2009

Being the Third of April 2009...

The Big Metal Tower 01

So, hands up all those who will be spending the weekend spring cleaning...?
Don't forget to whistle a merry tune...
May hap one of these:

T'was on One April Morning: Colin/Ken+Full Cast
The Flower of the Valley: David
If I Were a Carpenter: Paul
Circles: Mike P.
?: Mike
After the Rain: Steve
I'm an Australian: Les
What is this Thing Called Love? : Lucy
Ting! : Heather
Lilac Wine: Maggie
Walk on By: Sheena
Banks of the Bann: Bill 1:1
When Spring Comes In: Jenny
Freeborn Man: Lynda
Seven Daisies: Mave
Poisoning Pigeons in the Park: Ken
The Week Before Easter: Colin/Paul
Songbird: Anita
In the Smoke: David
What Goes On: Paul
Janis: Mike P.
With My Swag All on My Shoulder: Les
The Road to Bepton Farm: Yvonne/Mike
Feel Alright: Steve
Take a Message to Mary: Maggie
Smack Water Jack: Sheena
Keys to My Heart: Jenny/Bill 1:1
Wild Colonial Boy: Bill 1:1
The Sun Ain't Going to Shine Anymore: Lynda
Now I has to Call Him Father: Mave
Thousands or More: Colin

Hey-ho where's my feather duster...?

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