Monday, April 22, 2013

Being Friday the 19th of April, 2013 ...

Fortunately this archaic directive does not apply in the Guide Hall.

Hasn't the spring weather been awful?
Look what happened to Dogsbody's garden fence yesterday ...

Nevertheless, 15 people congregated for another enjoyable evening of music and song.

There was mellifluous whistling, no yodelling nor poetry and, among other things, Tony's choreography was truly and fairly memorable.

Angela navigated the ocean in a home-made boat.

No, Paul, you may not bring your cat in here!

Delabole is a terrible place ... but it was a slate mine ...
Nowt to do wi' coal, Tony!

The Great Tit sings thus:
"Teacher, teacher, teacher!"

Elegantly dressed ladies examine a train wreck.
'The Old 97' was a Southern (US) Railway train, officially known as 'The Fast Mail'.
It fell off a trestle-viaduct in September 1903.

I forgot to report that there were a couple of rather nasty storms, but we were comforted by this portent of better times ahead ...

See that atmospheric phenomenon shine!

Then we all went back to that State Penitentiary ...

"I hear the train a-comin' ...'

A warning:
NEVER search in google for images of that bird Parus Major by its common name in the plural form.
(Did someone mention 'iron chest'?)

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