Monday, April 29, 2013

Being Friday the 26th of April, 2013 ...

Mind your head!

Be assured that no such discrimination, (and politically-incorrect,) restriction regarding vertically-augmented persons applies at The City Folk Club.

OK, that foregoing is really very silly, so let's get on ...

In the chair: Berry ...

Berry is always a great host.
That phrase 'great host' suggests that we must all prepare for an imminent and cataclysmic attack of biblical proportions by a marauding hoarde that comes to invade, occupy, ravage and plunder our much-beloved land.

Fear not!
Berry has a gentle, sensitive and generous soul.
He knows about things that are mysterious to those of lesser education.
He generously shares his intellect with those who strive to achieve ... anything.

... something's wrong with my mind!

Child Ballad #56

... and stunsails hoisted away!
"I can still smell the smoke ..."
at Bacup station.

If Marion can't be an engine-driver ...

So, there we are: we all survived and went home in peace!
Thanks for that, Stuart.

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