Saturday, May 31, 2008

Being the 30th of May 2008

So, the most important aspect of this evening, I found my favorite sunglasses...!
I'm sure everyone is suitably relieved...

Now, what did we sing and play...?
Well, here's a list:

The Black Rabbit of Scar House (David & Roger)
We Shall Overcome (Les)
Home Lads, Home (Ray)
My Mother Said (Always Look Under the Bed) (Mave)
The Merry Blacksmith/Banshee (Mick)
Leaving on a Jet Plane (Lynda & Paul)
Picture of You (Paul)
The Black Velvet Band (Bill 2)
All My Trials (Soon be Over) (Maggie)
Lord Franklin (Jenny & Jerry)
Mr. A. G. Wilken's Favorite (Jerry)
Abide With Me (Roger)
The Family of Man (Les)
Fever (Gigi)
Dorset is Beautiful (Ray)
You Are My Honeysuckle (Mave)
English Rose (Mick)
I Know My Love (Lynda)
Nowhere Man (Paul)
Traveling Shoes (Bill 2)
Bit o'Mozart (Maggie)
Seeds of Love (Jenny & Jerry)
Farewell to the Dean (Jerry)
The Leaves of Life (aka The Seven Virgins) (Rog)
Rolling Home (Ray)

Many thanks to Paul for taking the M.C. helm while I paid our tithe to the Regnum.

Tell you what, let's do it all again next week...!
Remember, If a horse is singing it, it ain't folk baby...

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wretched scrivener said...

Clearly, I only have to be away for one week to find ALL my material has been 'nicked'. That's OK; ownership of a folk song is only temporary. It 'belongs' to the performer only for the duration of a performance. I'll have it all back one day!