Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Being the 11th of July 2008

"Will this horror never cease?" you mutter to yourself as you dig, dig, dig...
Whipped by the biting wind with it's needling teeth of rain...
Two hours later your labours see you standing in six inches of muddy water at the bottom of a narrow trench...
You haul your weary body from the trench and manhandle the gore-splattered corpse of the fishmonger into the pit then start to replace the heap of soil on top of him...
Two hours later you light a well earned fag and organise your thoughts...
An alibi, an alibi...
Ah ha...!
Off you trudge to The City Folk Club...

This weeks hit parade included:

The Stars In Your Eyes: David
A Fair Maid Walking in her Garden: Colin
Who Do You Think Your Fooling: Yvonne
Ghosts And Skeletons: Mike
My White Horse: George
It's Hard To Be Humble: Ray
Bay Of Biscay: Anne
Waltz: Mick
Red Is The Rose: Mave
The Eagle Song: Ken
Jack O'Rion: Bill 1
The Last Thing On My Mind: Maggie
The Swiss Maid: Paul
How's The World Treating You?: Linda/Paul
The Thrill Is Gone: Lucy
The Last Time I Saw Her: David
Spanish Ladies: Colin
I Only Want To Be With You: Yvonne
Till The Stars Fall From The Sky: Mike
Women Of Ireland: George
My Grandfather's Clock: Ray
Lord Gregory: Anne
Seashore: Mick
I'm A Rambler: Mave
The Good Ship Calibar: Ken
The Barefoot Quaker/Merrily Danced The Quaker's Wife: Bill 1
It Ain't Necessarily So: Maggie
You Win Again: Paul//Bill 1
Bound For The Mountains And The Sea: Linda
Nettle Wine: Lucy

Yours (until they find the body),

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wretched scrivener said...

Actually, David, the song I offered as my first maritime leftover was "A Fair Maid Walking in her Garden". "...Marry thee" was simply the final phrase.