Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Being The 12th of September 2008

What went on exactly...?

The Big Ships Are Sailing: John
Sing With Me Now: Eddie
Sibella: Anthony
7 Days: Mike
Love Is Pleasing: Mave
If I Could Only Make You Care: Berry
Oh! Lord It's Hard To Be Humble: Ray
?: George
Katy And The Dream-time Land: Jasmin
Dublin In The Rare Old Times: Bill 1.2
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child: Maggie
The Plough Man: Bill 1.1
Some Rival: Jenny/Bill 1.1
Let The Sea Rage On: Paul
Streams Of Lovely Nancy: Colin
Keep Your Skillet Good And Greasy: Bill 1.1/David
Young Willie Oil Lad: John
The Night Is Young: Eddie
A Beatles Medley: Anthony
White Lily Water: Mike
My Flower, My Companion And Me: Mave
Nobodies Sweetheart Now: Berry
The Eyes Of A Child: Jasmin/George
Crystal Chandeliers: Ray
Theme For Young Lovers: Bill 1.2/Berry
Old Fashioned Millionaire: Maggie
The Deadly Wars: Bill 1.1
A Little Biddy Tear: Paul/Bill 1.1

More rubber chicken....

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